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Baabaa And Andmerrs Bloody Awful Acronyms.

Discussion in 'Safety valve' started by andmerr, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. andmerr

    andmerr Guest

    Here's another useless post by yours truly.

    The target: who created these so called net abbreviations.Below is a list hopefully i didnt forget any.(always wondered what LMAO meant till i stumbled across it)

    Abbreviation Meaning
    404: I haven't a clue
    ADN: Any day now
    AFAIK: As far as I know
    AFK: Away from keyboard
    ARE: Acronym-rich environment
    ASAP: As soon as possible
    A/S/L?: Age/sex/location?
    B4N: Bye for now
    BAK: Back at the keyboard
    BAS: Big a** smile
    BBIAB :Be back in a bit
    BBL: Be back later
    BBN: Bye bye now
    BBS: Be back soon
    BEG:Big evil grin
    BF: Boy friend
    BFD: Big f***ing deal
    BFN: Bye for now
    BG: Big grin
    BIBO: Beer in, beer out
    BIOYIOP: Blow it out your I/O port
    BL: Belly laughing
    BMGWL: Busting my gut with laughter
    BOTEC: Back-of-the-envelope calculation
    BRB: Be right back
    BTA: But then again...
    BTDT: Been there, done that
    BTW: By the way
    BWL: Bursting with laughter
    BWTHDIK: But what the heck do I know...?
    CICO: Coffee in, coffee out
    C&G: Chuckle and grin
    CNP: Continued in next post
    CRB; Come right back
    CRBT: Crying real big tears
    CU: See you
    CUL: See you later
    CUL8ER: See you later
    CYA: See ya
    CYA: Cover your ass
    CYO: See you online
    DBA: Doing business as
    DFLA: Disenhanced four-letter acronym (that is, a TLA)
    DL: Dead link
    DLTBBB: Don't let the bed bugs bite
    DIKU: Do I know you?
    DITYID: Did I tell you I'm distressed?
    DOM: Dirty old man
    DOS: Dozing off soon
    DQMOT: Don't quote me on this
    DTRT: Do the right thing
    DWB: Don't write back
    EG: Evil grin
    EMFBI: Excuse me for butting in
    EMSG: E-mail message
    EOM: End of message
    EOT: End of thread (meaning: end of discussion)
    ETLA: Extended three-letter acronym (that is, an FLA)
    F2F: Face to face
    FAQ: Frequently-ask question(s)
    FC: Fingers crossed
    FISH: First in, still here
    FLA: Four-letter acronym
    FMTYEWTK: Far more than you ever wanted to know
    FOMCL: Falling off my chair laughing
    FTBOMH: From the bottom of my heart
    FUBAR: F***ed up beyond all repair or recognition
    FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt
    FWIW :For what it's worth
    FYI: For your information
    G: Grin
    GA: Go ahead
    GAL; Get a life
    GIGO: Garbage in, garbage out
    GD&R: Grinning, ducking, and running
    GF: Girlfriend
    GFN: Gone for now
    GGP: Gotta go pee
    GIWIST: Gee, I wish I'd said that
    GL: Good luck
    GMAB::Great minds think alike
    GOL: Giggling out loud
    GTRM: Going to read mail
    GTSY: Glad to see you
    H&K: Hug and kiss
    HAGN: Have a good night
    HAND: Have a nice day
    HHIS: Hanging head in shame
    HIG: How's it going
    HT: Hi there
    HTH: Hope this helps
    HUB: Head up butt
    IAC: In any case
    IAE: In any event
    IANAL: I am not a lawyer (but)
    IC: I see
    IGP: I gotta pee
    IHA: I hate acronyms
    IHU: I hear you
    IIRC: If I recall/remember/recollect correctly
    ILU: or ILY I love you
    IM: Immediate message
    IMCO: In my considered opinion
    IMHO: In my humble opinion
    IMing: Chatting with someone online usually while doing other things such as playing trivia or other interactive game
    IMNSHO: In my not so humble opinion
    IMO: In my opinion
    IMS: I am sorry
    IOW: In other words
    IPN: I'm posting naked
    IRL: In real life (that is, when not chatting)
    ITIGBS: I think I'm going to be sick
    IWALU: I will always love you
    IYSWIM: If you see what I mean
    J4G Just for grins
    JBOD: Just a bunch of disks (like redundant array of independent disks, etc.)
    JIC: Just in case
    JK: Just kidding
    JMO: Just my opinion
    JTLYK: Just to let you know
    KISS: Keep it simple stupid
    KIT; Keep in touch
    KOTC: Kiss on the cheek
    KOTL: Kiss on the lips
    KWIM?: Know what I mean?
    L8R: Later
    L8R G8R: Later gator
    LD: Later, dude
    LDR: Long-distance relationship
    LHO :Laughing head off
    LLTA: Lots and lots of thunderous applause
    LMAO: Laughing my a** off
    LMSO: Laughing my socks off
    LOL: Laughing out loud
    LRF: Little Rubber Feet (the little pads on the bottom of displays and other equipment)
    LSHMBH: Laughing so hard my belly hurts
    LTM: Laugh to myself
    LTNS: Long time no see
    LTR: Long-term relationship
    LULAB: Love you like a brother
    LULAS :Love you like a sister
    LUWAMH: Love you with all my heart
    LY: Love ya
    LY4E: Love ya forever
    MorF: Male or female
    MOSS: Member of the same sex
    MOTOS: Member of the opposite sex
    MTF: More to follow
    MUSM: Miss you so much
    NADT: Not a darn thing
    NFG: No f*****g good
    NFW :No feasible way or no f*****g way
    NIFOC: Naked in front of computer
    NP or N/P: No problem
    NRN: No response necessary
    OIC: Oh, I see
    OLL: Online love
    OMG: Oh my God
    OTF: Off the floor
    OTOH :On the other hand
    OTTOMH: Off the top of my head
    PANS: Pretty awesome new stuff (as opposed to "POTS")
    PAW: Parents are watching
    PCMCIA: People can't master computer industry acronyms
    PDA: Public display of affection
    PEBCAK: Problem exists between chair and keyboard
    PIBKAC: Problem is between keyboard and chair
    PITA: Pain in the ass
    PM: Private message
    PMFJIB: Pardon me for jumping in but...
    POAHF: Put on a happy face
    ::pOOF:: Goodbye (leaving the room)
    POTS: Plain old telephone service
    PU: That stinks!
    QT: Cutie
    RL: Real life (that is, when not chatting)
    ROR: Raffing out roud (Engrish for "laughing out loud")
    ROTFL: Rolling on the floor laughing
    ROTFLMAO: Rolling on the floor laughing my a** off
    ROTFLMAOWPIMP: Rolling on the floor laughing my a** off while peeing in my pants
    ROTFLMBO: Rolling on the floor laughing my butt off
    RPG: Role-playing games
    RSN: Real soon now
    RT: Real time
    RTFM: Read the f***ing manual
    RYO: Roll your own (write your own program; derived from cigarettes rolled yourself with tobacco and paper)
    S^ S'up: - what's up
    S4L: Spam for life (what you may get when you become someone's customer or client)
    SHCOON: Shoot hot coffee out of nose
    SEG: S***-eating grin
    SETE: Smiling ear to ear
    SF: Surfer-friendly (low-graphics Web site)
    SHID: Slaps head in disgust
    SNAFU: Situation normal, all f***ed up
    SO: Significant other
    SOL: Smilling out loud or sh*t out of luck
    SOMY: Sick of me yet?
    SOT: Short on time
    SOTMG: Short on time must go
    STFW: Search the f*****g Web
    STW: Search the Web
    SU: Shut up
    SUAKM: Shut up and kiss me
    SUP: What's up
    SWAG: Stupid wild-a** guess
    SWAK: Sealed with a kiss
    SWL: Screaming with laughter
    SYS: See you soon
    TA: Thanks again
    TAFN: That's all for now
    TANSTAAFL: There ain't no such thing as a free lunch
    TCOY: Take care of yourself
    TFH: Thread from hell (a discussion that just won't die and is often irrelevant to the purpose of the forum or group)
    TGIF: Thank God it's Friday
    THX: Thanks
    TIA: Thanks in advance (used if you post a question and are expecting a helpful reply)
    TILII: Tell it like it is
    TLA: Three-letter acronym
    TLK2UL8R: Talk to you later
    TMI: Too much information
    TNT: Till next time
    TOPCA: Til our paths cross again (early Celtic chat term)
    TOY: Thinking of you
    TPTB: The powers that be
    TTFN: Ta-Ta for now
    TTT: Thought that, too (when someone types in what you were about to type)
    TTYL: Talk to you later
    TU: Thank you
    TY: Thank you
    UAPITA: You're a pain in the ass
    UW: You're welcome
    VBG: Very big grin
    VBSEG: Very big s***-eating grin
    WAG: Wild a** guess
    WAYD: What are you doing
    WB: Welcome back
    WBS: Write back soon
    WDALYIC: Who died and left you in charge?
    WEG: Wicked evil grin
    WFM: Works for me
    WIBNI: Wouldn't it be nice if
    WT?: What/who the ?
    WTFO: What the F***! Over!
    WTG; Way to go!
    WTGP?: Want to go private?
    WU?: What's up?
    WUF?: Where are you from?
    WYSIWYG: What you see is what you get
    YBS: You'll be sorry
    YGBSM: You gotta be s***tin' me!
    YMMV: Your mileage may vary.
    YW: You're welcome

    oh i did forget 2 which come to mind

    holden : hope our luck doesnt end now
    FORD: Found our rubbish dump

    feel free to add to this list

  2. baabaa

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    Jan 7, 2003
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    AUPBA - Another Useless Post By andmerr
    YRNTGOM - You Really Need To Get Out More
    WDYLHTUCG - Why Don't You Learn How To Use Correct Grammer
    LMAOAABHITOPIKTCTORP - Laughing My Ass Off At Andmerr Because He Is The Only Person I Know That Can Think Of Ridiculous Posts
    KTTGBIWGMMW - Keep This Thread Going Because It Will Get Much Much Worse
  3. agent-k

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    Apr 8, 2004
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    BAABAA: Baabaa And Andmerrs Bloody Awful Acronyms.
  4. andmerr

    andmerr Guest

    what about this one:

    ITIH2MTOMHSlol: I think i have 2 much time on my hands laugh out loud


    (Reckon a mod could change the title to)

    quote: Baabaa And Andmerrs Bloody Awful Acronyms.
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  5. Nephilim

    Nephilim Moderator Staff Member

    Feb 13, 2003
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    AYW - as you wish ;)
  6. Xian

    Xian Regular member

    Jun 27, 2003
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    I haven't reported this thread as an offensive post, but it has been reported to the AAAA - Association Against Acronym Abuse
  7. Buik

    Buik Regular member

    Nov 15, 2003
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    I did not see:

    S so
    H happy
    I it's
    T thursday
  8. baabaa

    baabaa Active member

    Jan 7, 2003
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    TYVMN - Thankyou Very Much Nephilim
    BANANAS - Baabaa Andmerr Now Are Nostalgic And Super
    IWAKIR - It Was Agent K's Idea Really
    WANKERS - We Afterdawners Need Keyboards Every Rotten Saturday
    _X_X_X_X_X_[small]Beware of the Pixies - they move in over night and turn your life upside down

    [​IMG] [​IMG][/small]
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  9. andmerr

    andmerr Guest

    @Xian: guilty as charged !!!!!!
  10. Toiletman

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    Jul 8, 2003
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    555 - Ha ha ha in Korean.
  11. baabaa

    baabaa Active member

    Jan 7, 2003
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    666 - I shall rule the world in devil language............
    69 - dinner for two, from the Kama Sutra
    _X_X_X_X_X_[small]Beware of the Pixies - they move in over night and turn your life upside down

    [​IMG] [​IMG][/small]
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  12. andmerr

    andmerr Guest

    LOL you guys are so funny please keep them coming

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  13. zippyd

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    Aug 4, 2004
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    FORD- Fix Or Repair Daily
    Found On Roads Dead
    First On Race Day :(

    FBI- Female Body Inspector
    MPAA- Most Profitable American Association
    NRA- No Running Away (bang)
    ADIDAS- All Day I Dream About Secks (perverted shoe company)
  14. andmerr

    andmerr Guest

  15. RedAnt

    RedAnt Regular member

    Jun 11, 2013
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    If you live in the states you may know :

    F armers
    U niversity of
    C entral
    K entucky


    S am
    H uston
    I nstitute of
    T echnology
  16. zippyd

    zippyd Active member

    Aug 4, 2004
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    I remembered the ADIDAS one from way back....I was in middle school. But as they say "If the shoe fits, wear it" Maybe thats why I seem to gravitate towards that brand.

    LOCOENG Moderator Staff Member

    Feb 4, 2005
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    Can't believe ddp hasn't added RTFMDA=read the forking manual dumb a$$.
  18. ddp

    ddp Moderator Staff Member

    Oct 15, 2004
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    no, it is R.T.F.M.D. (Read The F**king Manual Dummy)
    OFU - Operator F**k Up
    MFU - Management F**k Up
    EFU - Engineering F**k Up
  19. ireland

    ireland Active member

    Nov 28, 2002
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    i can play tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    AAMOF as a matter of fact
    ABFL a big fat lady
    ABT about
    ADN any day now
    AFAIC as far as I’m concerned
    AFAICT as far as I can tell
    AFAICS as far as I can see
    AFAIK as far as I know
    AFAYC as far as you’re concerned
    AFK away from keyboard
    AH bumhole
    AISI as I see it
    AIUI as I understand it
    AKA also known as
    AML all my love
    ANFSCD and now for something completely different
    ASAP as soon as possible
    ASL assistant section leader
    ASL age, sex, location
    ASLP age, sex, location, picture
    A/S/L age/sex/location
    ASOP assistant system operator
    ATM at this moment
    AWA as well as
    AWHFY are we having fun yet?
    AWGTHTGTTA are we going to have to go trough this again?
    AWOL absent without leave
    AWOL away without leave
    AYOR at your own risk
    AYPI? and your point is?
    B4 before
    B4N bye for now
    BAC back at computer
    BAG busting a gut
    BAK back at the keyboard
    BBIAB be back in a bit
    BBL be back later
    BBLBNTSBO... be back later but not to soon because of...
    BBR burnt beyond repair
    BBS be back soon
    BBS bulletin board system
    BC be cool
    B/C because
    BCnU be seeing you
    BEG big evil grin
    BF boyfriend
    B/F boyfriend
    BFN bye for now
    BG big grin
    BION believe it or not
    BIOYIOB blow it out your I/O port
    BITMT but in the meantime
    BM bite me
    BMB bite my bum
    BMTIPG brilliant minds think in parallel gutters
    BKA better known as
    BL belly laughing
    BOB back off bastard
    BOL be on later
    BOM bitch of mine
    BOT back on topic
    BRB be right back
    BRBB be right back bitch
    BRBS be right back soon
    BRH be right here
    BRS big red switch
    BS big smile
    BS bull shit
    BSF but seriously folks
    BST but seriously though
    BTA but then again
    BTAIM be that as it may
    BTDT been there done that
    BTOBD be there or be dead
    BTOBS be there or be square
    BTSOOM beats the shit out of me
    BTW by the way
    BUDWEISER because you deserve what every individual should ever receive
    BWQ buzz word quotient
    BWTHDIK but what the heck do I know
    BYOB bring your own bottle
    BYOH Bat You Onna Head
    C&G chuckle and grin
    CAD ctrl-alt-delete
    CADET can’t add, doesn’t even try
    CDIWY couldn’t do it without you
    CFV call for votes
    CFS care for secret?
    CFY calling for you
    CID crying in disgrace
    CIM CompuServe information manager
    CLM career limiting move
    CM@TW catch me at the web
    CMIIW correct me if I’m wrong
    CNP continue in next post
    CO conference
    CRAFT can’t remember a f**king thing
    CRS can’t remember shit
    CSG chuckle snicker grin
    CTS changing the subject
    CU see you
    CU2 see you too
    CUL see you later
    CUL8R see you later
    CWOT complete waste of time
    CWYL chat with you later
    CYA see ya
    CYA cover your ass
    CYAL8R see ya later
    CYO see you online
    DBA doing business as
    DCed disconnected
    DFLA disenhanced four-letter acronym
    DH darling husband
    DIIK darn if i know
    DGA digital guardian angel
    DGARA don’t give a rats ass
    DIKU do I know you?
    DIRTFT do it right the first time
    DITYID did I tell you I’m distressed
    DIY do it yourself
    DL download
    DL dead link
    DLTBBB don’t let the bad bugs bite
    DMMGH don’t make me get hostile
    DQMOT don’t quote me on this
    DND do not disturb
    DTC damn this computer
    DTRT do the right thing
    DUCT did you see that?
    DWAI don’t worry about it
    DWIM do what I mean
    DWIMC do what I mean, correctly
    DWISNWID do what I say, not what I do
    DYJHIW don’t you just hate it when...
    DYK do you know
    EAK eating at keyboard
    EIE enough is enough
    EG evil grin
    EMFBI excuse me for butting in
    EMFJI excuse me for jumping in
    EMSG email message
    EOD end of discussion
    EOF end of file
    EOL end of lecture
    EOM end of message
    EOS end of story
    EOT end of thread
    ETLA extended three letter acronym
    EYC excitable, yet calm
    F female
    F/F face to face
    F2F face to face
    FAQ frequently asked questions
    FAWC for anyone who cares
    FBOW for better or worse
    FBTW fine, be that way
    FCFS first come, first served
    FCOL for crying out loud
    FIFO first in, first out
    FISH first in, still here
    FLA four-letter acronym
    FOAD f**k off and die
    FOAF friend of a friend
    FOB f**k off bitch
    FOC free of charge
    FOCL falling of chair laughing
    FOFL falling on the floor laughing
    FOS freedom of speech
    FOTCL falling of the chair laughing
    FTF face to face
    FTTT from time to time
    FU f**ked up
    FUBAR f**ked up beyond all recognition
    FUDFUCT fear, uncertainty and doubt
    FUCT failed under continuas testing
    FURTB full up ready to burst (about hard disk drives)
    FW freeware
    FWIW for what it’s worth
    FYA for your amusement
    FYE for your entertainment
    FYEO for your eyes only
    FYI for your information
    G grin
    G2B going to bed
    G&BIT grin & bear it
    G2G got to go
    G2GGS2D got to go get something to drink
    G2GTAC got to go take a crap
    G2GTAP got to go take a pee
    GA go ahead
    GA good afternoon
    GAFIA get away from it all
    GAL get a life
    GAS greetings and salutations
    GBH great big hug
    GBH&K great big huh and kisses
    GBR garbled beyond recovery
    GBY god bless you
    GD&H grinning, ducking and hiding
    GD&R grinning, ducking and running
    GD&RAFAP grinning, ducking and running as fast as possible
    GD&REF&F grinning, ducking and running even further and faster
    GD&RF grinning, ducking and running fast
    GD&RVF grinning, ducking and running very
    GD&W grin, duck and wave
    GDW grin, duck and wave
    GE good evening
    GF girlfriend
    GFETE grinning from ear to ear
    GFN gone for now
    GFU good for you
    GG good game
    GGU2 good game you two
    GIGO garbage in garbage out
    GJ good job
    GL good luck
    GL&GH good luck and good hunting
    GM good morning / good move / good match
    GMAB give me a break
    GMAO giggling my ass off
    GMBO giggling my butt off
    GMTA great minds think alike
    GN good night
    GOK god only knows
    GOWI get on with it
    GPF general protection fault
    GR8 great
    GR&D grinning, running and ducking
    GtG got to go
    GTSY glad to see you
    H hug
    H/O hold on
    H&K hug and kiss
    HAK hug and kiss
    HAGD have a good day
    HAGN have a good night
    HAGS have a good summer
    HAG1 have a good one
    HAHA having a heart attack
    HAND have a nice day
    HB hug back
    HB hurry back
    HDYWTDT how do you work this dratted thing
    HF have fun
    HH holding hands
    HHIS hanging head in shame
    HHJK ha ha, just kidding
    HHOJ ha ha, only joking
    HHOK ha ha, only kidding
    HHOS ha ha, only seriously
    HIH hope it helps
    HILIACACLO help I lapsed into a coma and can’t log off
    HIWTH hate it when that happens
    HLM he loves me
    HMS home made smiley
    HMS hanging my self
    HMT here’s my try
    HMWK homework
    HOAS hold on a second
    HSIK how should i know
    HTH hope this helps
    HTHBE hope this has been enlightening
    HYLMS hate you like my sister
    IAAA I am an accountant
    IAAL I am a lawyer
    IAC in any case
    IC I see
    IAE in any event
    IAG it’s all good
    IAG I am gay
    IAIM in an Irish minute
    IANAA I am not an accountant
    IANAL I am not a lawyer
    IBN I’m bucked naked
    ICOCBW I could of course be wrong
    IDC I don’t care
    IDGI I don’t get it
    IDGARA I don’t give a rat’s ass
    IDGW in a good way
    IDI I doubt it
    IDK I don’t know
    IDTT I’ll drink to that
    IFVB I feel very bad
    IGP I gotta pee
    IGTP I get the point
    IHTFP I hate this f**king place
    IHTFP I have truly found paradise
    IHU I hate you
    IHY I hate you
    II I’m impressed
    IIT I’m impressed too
    IIR if I recall
    IIRC if I recall correctly
    IJWTK I just want to know
    IJWTS I just want to say
    IK I know
    IKWUM I know what you mean
    ILBCNU I’ll be seeing you
    ILU I love you
    ILY I love you
    ILYFAE I love you forever and ever
    IMAO in my arrogant opinion
    IMFAO in my f***ing arrogant opinion
    IMBO in my bloody opinion
    IMCO in my considered opinion
    IME in my experience
    IMHO in my humble opinion
    IMNSHO in my, not so humble opinion
    IMO in my opinion
    IMOBO in my own biased opinion
    IMPOV in my point of view
    IMP I might be pregnant
    INAL I’m not a lawyer
    INPO in no particular order
    IOIT I’m on Irish Time
    IOW in other words
    IRL in real life
    IRMFI I reply merely for information
    IRSTBO it really sucks the big one
    IS I’m sorry
    ISEN internet search environment number
    ISTM it seems to me
    ISTR I seem to recall
    ISWYM I see what you mean
    ITFA in the final analysis
    ITRO in the reality of
    ITRW in the real world
    ITSFWI if the shoe fits, wear it
    IVL in virtual live
    IWALY I will always love you
    IWBNI it would be nice if
    IYKWIM if you know what I mean
    IYSWIM if you see what I mean
    JAM just a minute
    JAS just a second
    JASE just another system error
    JAWS just another windows shell
    JIC just in case
    JJWY just joking with you
    JK just kidding
    J/K just kidding
    JMHO just my humble opinion
    JMO just my opinion
    JP just playing
    J/P just playing
    JTLYK just to let you know
    JW just wondering
    K OK
    K kiss
    KHYF know how you feel
    KB kiss back
    KISS keep it simple sister
    KIS(S) keep it simple (stupid)
    KISS keeping it sweetly simple
    KIT keep in touch
    KMA kiss my ass
    KMB kiss my butt
    KMSMA kiss my shiny metal ass
    KOTC kiss on the cheek
    KOTL kiss on the lips
    KUTGW keep up the good work
    KWIM know what I mean?
    L laugh
    L8R later
    L8R G8R later gator
    LAB life’s a bitch
    LAM leave a message
    LBR little boys room
    LD long distance
    LG lovely greetings
    LGR little girls room
    LHM Lord help me
    LHU Lord help us
    LL&P live long & prosper
    LNK love and kisses
    LMA leave me alone
    LMABO laughing my ass back on
    LMAO laughing my ass off
    MBO laughing my butt off
    LMHO laughing my head off
    LMFAO laughing my fat ass off
    LMK let me know
    LOL laughing out loud
    LOL lots of love
    LOL lots of luck
    LOLA laughing out loud again
    LOML light of my life (or love of my life)
    LOMLILY light of my life, I love you
    LOOL laughing out outrageously loud
    LSHIPMP laughing so hard I pissed my pants
    LSHMBB laughing so hard my belly is bouncing
    LSHMBH laughing so hard my belly hurts
    LTNS long time no see
    LTR long term relationship
    LTS laughing to self
    LULAS love you like a sister
    LUWAMH love you with all my heart
    LY love ya
    LYK let you know
    LYL love ya lots
    LYLAB love ya like a brother
    LYLAS love ya like a sister
    M male
    MB maybe
    MYOB mind your own business
    M8 mate
    N in
    N2M not too much
    N/C not cool
    NE1 anyone
    NETUA nobody ever tells us anything
    NFI no f***ing idea
    NL not likely
    NM never mind / nothing much
    N/M never mind / nothing much
    NMH not much here
    NMJC nothing much, just chillin’
    NOM no offense meant
    NOTTOMH not of the top of my mind
    NOYB none of your business
    NOYFB none of your f***ing business
    NP no problem
    NPS no problem sweet(ie)
    NTA non-technical acronym
    N/S no shit
    NVM nevermind
    OBTW oh, by the way
    OIC oh, I see
    OF on fire
    OFIS on floor with stitches
    OK abbreviation of oll korrect (all correct)
    OL old lady (wife, girlfriend)
    OM old man (husband, boyfriend)
    OMG oh my god / gosh / goodness
    OOC out of character
    OT Off topic / other topic
    OTOH on the other hand
    OTTOMH off the top of my head
    PAW parents are watching
    PDS please don’t shoot
    PEBCAK problem exists between chair and keyboard
    PLZ please
    PM private message
    PMJI pardon my jumping in (Another way for PMFJI)
    PMFJI pardon me for jumping in
    PMP peed my pants
    POAHF put on a happy face
    POOF I have left the chat
    POTB pats on the back
    POS parents over shoulder
    PPL people
    PS post script
    PSA public show of affection
    Q4U question for you
    QSL reply
    QSO conversation
    QT cutie
    RCed reconnected
    RE hi again (same as re’s)
    ROFL rolling on floor laughing
    ROFLAPMP rolling on floor laughing and peed my pants
    ROFLMAO rolling on floor laughing my ass off
    ROFLOLAY rolling on floor laughing out loud at you
    ROFLOLTSDMC rolling on floor laughing out loud tears streaming down my cheeks
    ROFLOLWTIME rolling on floor laughing out loud with tears in my eyes
    ROFLOLUTS rolling on floor laughing out loud unable to speak
    ROTFL rolling on the floor laughing
    RVD really very dumb
    RUTTM are you talking to me
    RTF read the FAQ
    RTFM read the f***ing manual
    RTSM read the stupid manual
    S2R send to receive
    SAMAGAL stop annoying me and get a live
    SCNR sorry, could not resist
    SETE smiling ear to ear
    SH so hot
    SH same here
    SHICPMP so happy I could piss my pants
    SHID slaps head in disgust
    SHMILY see how much I love you
    SNAFU situation normal, all F***ed up
    SO significant other
    SOHF sense of humor failure
    SOMY sick of me yet?
    SPAM stupid persons’ advertisement
    SRY sorry
    SSDD same shit different day
    STBY sucks to be you
    STFU shut the f*ck up
    STI stick(ing) to it
    STW search the web
    SWAK sealed with a kiss
    SWALK sweet, with all love, kisses
    SWL screaming with laughter
    SIM shit, it’s Monday
    SITWB sorry, in the wrong box
    S/U shut up
    SYS see you soon
    SYSOP system operator
    TA thanks again
    TCO taken care of
    TGIF thank god its Friday
    THTH to hot to handle
    THX thanks
    TIA thanks in advance
    TIIC the idiots in charge
    TJM that’s just me
    TLA three-letter acronym
    TMA take my advice
    TMI to much information
    TMS to much showing
    TNSTAAFL there’s no such thing as a free lunch
    TNX thanks
    TOH to other half
    TOY thinking of you
    TPTB the powers that be
    TSDMC tears streaming down my cheeks
    TT2T to tired to talk
    TTFN ta ta for now
    TTT thought that, too
    TTUL talk to you later
    TTYIAM talk to you in a minute
    TTYL talk to you later
    TTYLMF talk to you later my friend
    TU thank you
    TWMA till we meet again
    TX thanx
    TY thank you
    TYVM thank you very much
    U2 you too
    UAPITA you’re a pain in the ass
    UR your
    UW you’re welcom
    URAQT! you are a cutie!
    VBG very big grin
    VBS very big smile
    W8 wait
    W8AM wait a minute
    WAY what about you
    WAY who are you
    WB welcome back
    WBS write back soon
    WDHLM why doesn’t he love me
    WDYWTTA What Do You Want To Talk About
    WE whatever
    W/E whatever
    WFM works for me
    WNDITWB we never did it this way before
    WP wrong person
    WRT with respect to
    WTF what/who the F***?
    WTG way to go
    WTGP want to go private?
    WTH what/who the heck?
    WTMI way to much information
    WU what’s up?
    WUD what’s up dog?
    WUF where are you from?
    WUWT whats up with that
    WYMM will you marry me?
    WYSIWYG what you see is what you get
    XTLA extended three letter acronym
    Y why?
    Y2K you’re too kind
    YATB you are the best
    YBS you’ll be sorry
    YG young gentleman
    YHBBYBD you’d have better bet your bottom dollar
    YKYWTKM you know you want to kiss me
    YL young lady
    YL you ’ll live
    YM you mean
    YM young man
    YMMD you’ve made my day
    YMMV your mileage may vary
    YVM you’re very welcom
    YW you’re welcome
    YWIA you’re welcome in advance
    YWTHM you want to hug me
    YWTLM you want to love me
    YWTKM you want to kiss me
    YOYO you’re on your own
    YY4U two wise for you

    ? huh?
    ?4U question for you
    >U screw you!
    /myB kick my boobs
    2U2 to you too
    2MFM to much for me
    4AYN for all you know
    4COL for crying out loud
    4SALE for sale
    4U for you
    =w= whatever
    *G* giggle or grin
    *H* hug
    *K* kiss
    *S* smile
    *T* tickle
    *W* wink

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