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backing up dvd pc games.

Discussion in 'All other topics' started by riaz, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. riaz

    riaz Guest

    hello there.
    i bought deus ex IW last week. the game is in dvd format. i also have silent hill 3 on dvd.
    i have tried to backup both theis games using alcohol 120%, dvd decrypter, blindwrite 5 and nero 6 but the image does not work.
    When i scan deus ex with clony xxl it comes up with securom new but when i select my dvd drive in alcohol 120% the drop down menu for copy protection is not there, yet it is there for my cd burner.
    Can anyone help me make a working backup of my dvd pc games.
    my dvd burner is a pioneer 106.
  2. Shad

    Shad Regular member

    Aug 3, 2003
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    Sorry cant help there. Dont know much about dvd.
  3. imastew1

    imastew1 Guest

    yeah alcohol 120% is my life!!! lol
    ok...first off goto emulation on the side bar of alcohol...next make sure only "ignore media type" is checked, under |"extra emulation" nothing is checked...click ok
    now first of all to make a perfect 1 for 1 backup youll need a burner that writes in "raw" mode...plextor or "lite on" are the 2 best...im a lite on fan...cheaper with same performance..anyways if you dont then all you can do is make a perfect image on you hard drive which you can then mount just like a cd...

    so choose either copy wizard or image wizard..for your data type select customize check all boxes..next...choose location etc...the go for it...
    i made a perfect backup of my store bought copy doing this..most important is a optical drive that can read and write in raw mode.
    good luck
  4. riaz

    riaz Guest

    are you talking about a dvd or cd-rom image.
    its the dvd that is the problem.
    thanks for the help though.

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