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backing up games

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by account, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. account

    account Guest

    i just got a xbox, i know how to backup ps2 games but xbox games is too damn confusing for me so please help me i need some directions on how to do it and the programs i need and where to get them.

    i have already tried searching and i still can't find anything
  2. minder10

    minder10 Guest

    helo there if you are trying to make a back up of a copyed game burn it with nero 6 it will work but if your trying to back up a game that has not been ripped you have to link your xbox with your pc your pc cant read the files on the xbox disc you are safer buying a copyed game and use nero
  3. account

    account Guest

    how do i connect my x box to my pc and where can i buy copied games?
  4. gotisos

    gotisos Guest

    you might want to check the legalities of buying "back-ups" I suggest you edit your post, before admin sees it, back-ups are for property you own, buying back-ups is illegal and should not be mention in this forum, to put it lightly
  5. Jerren

    Jerren Guest

  6. account

    account Guest

    ok thanks that was a big help. i have another question though after i get the iso of a game i can just burn it using any dvd burning software and how can i find out if the games are dvd or cd because ps2 says it right on the disc?
  7. Jerren

    Jerren Guest

    I think all the XBOX games are DVD. I just burn all the files that I got from the XBOX using UltraISO. If you give me your e-mail I can send UltraISO to you, unless you want to find it on the net. Let me know if you need any more help.
  8. pong3

    pong3 Guest

    Also dont just use any burning software, make sure it is a reliable program. I've had problems with Nero burning the ISO so i use Recordnow Max. Also, make sure you have a good ISO maker.
  9. ezio

    ezio Member

    Jan 4, 2004
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    I need some help getting started with my ps2 back ups. I can do almost any thing with my XboX, and now I would like to do the same with the ps2. I wonder if I can install a HDD in the ps2 like the xbox has and then ftp back and forth b/w my pc and the ps2. Just because I can ftp to the xbox back and forth makes it very easy to do any thing I can possibly imagine, even play PS2 games in the Xbox if I could find the right emullators, Of course I'm still looking so that I can get rid of my ps2.I think the xbox is much more superior then then ps2. Look at the new ps2, the psx and see what sony did, basically they build a xbox with some new added fitures.
    I hope this comments qualified for this thread. Sorry if it doesn't.
  10. Jerren

    Jerren Guest

    [bold]I'm not sure if you can ftp a PS2. I know there coming out or came out with a new hard drive you can put in your expansion bay of the PS2.[/bold]

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