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Backing Up Video - VHS video & getting around tape security & bundled viewers on dvds

Discussion in 'All other topics' started by kayhay, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. kayhay

    kayhay Guest

    Sorry if this has been delat with elsewhere, but I couldn't find it. Maybe I'm asking the wrong questions!! I am a newbie afterall!!

    I have been successful ripping dvd with ddvx & smart ripper, but there are a lot of vhs vids that i can't 'record'.

    I have an ati tv card and mostly if i play a video through it it will alow me to record or take stills off the VT. However there are a lot of tapes that the ati card won't allow me to record. I sem to recall that there is some code or other security on some vhs tapes that talks to players and 'tells' them to keep it secure. Is this something to do with macrovision?

    What exactly is macrovision and how can i get around it? Any of you av-jocks got any ideas or experience about this stuff 'cos i just can't get my head around it and drives me nuts!!

    In addition to the above, i'm noticing that a lot of dvds seem to bypass my cyberlink power dvd player that works with most dvd movies. On these occasions i get some viewer pop-up like intel-actual (or something similar) which wans me to install its software before i can even watch the movie!! I hate this! (don't like being told what software i've got to use for anything really!!)

    Again guys, is there a clever way around this 'security' i s'pose it is??

    Look forward to hearing from you, hoping for some success!!

    I'm genuinely sorry if this the wrong place to ask this stuff, but as the strap-line goes, it didn't seem to fit anwhere else

  2. seamonkey

    seamonkey Regular member

    Nov 3, 2002
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    as for the vhs thing, you need to get a thing at radio shack prob called a 'signal booster' or something, it cleans out the macrovisoin in the tapes that don't play.. that way the video cards macrovision detector thingy doesn't see it and lets it go through...

    as for the popups...
    two choices:
    1. disable autorun for your dvd drive
    2. setup your autorun to automatically play dvds in your default player

    hope that helps

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