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Backups only boot after failed HDDloader install

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by Cayotic, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. Cayotic

    Cayotic Member

    Oct 1, 2003
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    V1.1 xbox
    Chameleon chip

    I've put all my games on my 120GB HDD but I also backed up the originals using simpleXiso V03. From what I noticed when I insert the game and boot up the Xbox it doesn't recognize the game. If I insert the game after the Evox dash has completely loaded it will say CD STATUS: Game. Then when I go into Px HDD loader it will fail on install. Then if I reboot right then and there, the game will load as it and the original Xbox games should.

    The question is why? Do I need a newer bios? Given not every backup does this to me, but I merely stumbled on to it. It wouldn't boot, it wouldn't install, I made many coasters. Then I rebooted from HDD loader and the game loaded. I don't get it. I will live with it but just don't understand it.

    I guess the xbox is really a computer afterall... or a women... I don't understand them either... but you have to live with them...

    ... unless your... well, you know...

    Thanks for any input folks...
  2. GetModded

    GetModded Guest

    The games not loading might be becuase the Auto Launch game option is turned off in the EvolutionX dash.
    Not sure about the rest.
  3. Cayotic

    Cayotic Member

    Oct 1, 2003
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    I'll give that a shot, but it doesn't make sence. When I was a noob, (!), I was FTP'ing files from D: to PC then back to F: cause that's what this particular tutorial said to do. Then I had to patch a couple games. I noticed more problems with newer games that's when HALOfan introduced me to HDDloader, which I already had installed. I just wasn't familiar with it.

    Point being, my older games boot fine, it's the new games that I backup that have been patched by HDDloader, that only boot after a failed install.

    So my F: drive looks like this
    Dead to rights
    Max Payne
    NBA Streets
    AF delta storm
    DOA beach vollyball
    Outlaw Vollyball
    NCAA 2004
    Time splitters 2
    PXgame0 midnight club 2
    PXgame1 Mat Hoffmans's
    PXgame2 Ghost recon
    PXgame3 splinter cell
    PXgame4 spiderman
    PXgame5 THPS3
    PXgame6 conflict desert storm
    PXgame7 Soul Calibor 2 (Bootable backup)
    PXgame8 NFL Fever 2004 (BACKED UP)
    PXgame9 Gotham
    PXgame10 Ghost recon 2
    PXgame11 Freestyle Metal X (Bootable backup)
    PXgame12 halo (installed from backup)
    PXgame13 NFL fever 2003
    PXgame14 Medal of honor

    The games that currently say PXgame## backup fine but only boot after failed install. The games that are self titled, FTPd from DtoPCtoF, boot fine.

    Now you are saying, why don't you just backup the disk and not the folder on your HDD. Tried that on one game and I failed to patch it. So it didn't load= $1 coaster. So I patched it, then burnt it, and again = $1 coaster.

    So I figure if anything, backup the PXgame folder cause I can allways FTP it back to F in the event the HDD crashes. But I stumbled on the abilty to boot the game after the failed install.

    Sorry to drag this on... thanks rusty...
  4. GetModded

    GetModded Guest

    Games not loading from disc could be your bios or the In Game Reset option. Turn the IGR off and use the EvoxM7 bios. If it freezes during loading it's most likely the IGR. If you get booted back to the dash then it's the media check and you need to update the bios to an Auto Patching Bios.
    From what I've heard PXHDDLoader doesn't do a very good job at auto patching newer games. DVD2XBox is supposed to be better at patching but is not as user friendly.
    Not sure why your having problems backing up games to the harddrive.

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