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band from riverside is search any guitar singer or other players...singers have to play instruments

Discussion in 'Artist looking for a band' started by spanishFI, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. spanishFI

    spanishFI Guest

    hey im a 14 year old guitar/singer..we already have a three man band and we are looking for new members age/sex/instrument doesnt matter aslong as it goes in with the music...we play hard stuff like linkin park, korn, system of a down and i guess we sound a little like evansence...email me Posting_Your_Email_Got_You_Banned@afterdawn.com or message me....
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  2. twisted13

    twisted13 Guest

    whers river side?
  3. spanishFI

    spanishFI Guest

    riverside california...soutern cali
  4. spanishFI

    spanishFI Guest

    and let me juss say we are all 14 so....
  5. sideb

    sideb Guest

    can you sing well.... cus if you can I have something you might be interested in..... Ive been playing music for a few years and I cant find a vocalist so if you and your members wanna meet me and mine we can all jam out and see if we find a style that we all like.
  6. bluesbro3

    bluesbro3 Guest

    im a tallented guitar player in san marcos im a guy and im 15 i like 80s and 70s rock
  7. flip218

    flip218 Moderator Staff Member

    Apr 25, 2004
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    Anybody else want to get banned for posting their email address?

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