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Bards tale backup

Discussion in 'Xbox - Backup discussion' started by TwiztedX, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. TwiztedX

    TwiztedX Guest

    the game is about 5.29 gigs, and i was wondering what can be taken out of it to fit it one a dvdr, there is about 2 gigs of extra sounds (not sure what they are or if they are definitly needed. but any information would be greatly appreciated. b/c i would like to put it on a dvdr.
  2. skpippins

    skpippins Guest

    yes me to im triing to figure out too.good game
  3. McNugget

    McNugget Member

    May 22, 2004
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    I backed this up for the PS2 with DVDDecrypter for perfect working copy however....
    Somtimes it works...sometimes it wont load past the title screen... Any suggests?
  4. skpippins

    skpippins Guest

    i have xbox not ps2 i took out sounds in the village and it works fine. have to have the words come up in the options menu.
  5. Mr_Manko

    Mr_Manko Guest

    What exactly did you delete?
    Would like to get the game going..
    any replys will be appreciated! :)
  6. skpippins

    skpippins Guest

    i forgot wich files i took out i reformatted my drive but i opened the folder and these where the only files i had in there maybee this will help res folder,bard post sonn folder,bardloc folder,default.xbe folder,karaoke.rni,menus_x.rni,and stats.sta.im not sure if i took files out of folder subdrectories but this might help i will still look for those files where they were taken out sorry for the delay .ill post soon

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