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Batch/Script convert MJPEG & MPEG2 to MPEG4/XVid?

Discussion in 'DivX / XviD' started by pkirkaas, May 9, 2007.

  1. pkirkaas

    pkirkaas Member

    Dec 28, 2003
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    I have hundreds of home video clips in MJPEG format that I would like to convert to MPEG4/XVid. I also schedule-record DVB-T shows in MPEG-2 format, that I would like to automatically convert to MPEG-4/XVid.

    I could do these all one at a time with AutoGK, but I'd like to batch convert automatically, so, for example, every night, every mpeg2 video file in directory C:/MPEG2 gets converted to MPGEG4 format & put in the directory C:/MPEG4; or something like that. Similarly, to convert all my hundreds of home video clips without doing them one at a time.

    Any suggestions?


  2. jony218

    jony218 Guest

    I use Winavi video converter 7.7 to do all my mpeg1/2 to xvid conversions. I have hundreds of sageTV recordings and I batch convert 20/30 at a time. Just make sure you choose output each clip seperately (the default is to join all clips together)and I choose the output resolution to be 640x480(to watch on my computer or large screen TV. The reason I use this program is because it's fast, conversion of a 1 hour mpeg2 is about 15 minutes on my intel coreduo6300.The quality of the output is good enough for me and my conversions are always in sync (audio wise).My conversions are recognize by all the programs I open them in and also my phillips tabletop dvp3040 standalone dvd/divx player.Also the program will turnoff your computer when it's done converting.

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