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Battlefield 1942 sound problem!

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by edriver, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. edriver

    edriver Guest

    i got b11942 bin and cue. i installed and in some parts it said that it had a problem but i just put ignore. later the game when you play it have no sound in the battle so i was wondering if someone can help or knows something thanks!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    1) Update your video graphic card drivers (if applicable)
    2) Update your sound drivers (if applicable)
    3) Try using latest DirectX 9.0 (if applicable)
    4) I had sound problems with C&C Generals using the screen resolution 17(1024x768) inch so I leave it on 15(800x600) inch. Disable Antivirus while playing the game (if applicable).

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  3. edriver

    edriver Guest

    i download direx9 and it make it better but i still have no sound. the drives i dont know how to upgrade if you can help me thanks!!

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