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BDMV to mkv untouched 1080p

Discussion in 'Blu-ray' started by kapo13, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. kapo13

    kapo13 Regular member

    Jan 13, 2004
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    i want to convert my BDMV folder on my hdd to .mkv , with no dregade/change in quality

    i tried handbrake , seemed quite friendly to use , but still left me with

    a few concerns/questions

    My original BDMV folder was just over 15 Gigs in size , when converting to .mkv

    i was sure to check large file size ,as i presumed this would give me the highest

    quality .

    What i got was a file just over 1 gig in size . im not complaining or being rude ,

    but thats one miracle in compression . i must have had some settings set wrong ?

    i missed something , tho ive been at this and reading on my own for some length

    before requesting help here .

    The point for me isnt reduced file size , its that my tv wont plat BDMV from my HDD,

    but it will play .mkv . id be pleased to keep original BDMV size , or a slight reduction

    to assure top quality .

    Is there a way to set handbrake ( or another good program) to convert my BDMV to .mkv

    untouched ?

    While im at it , ill ask about some other things im not sure on .

    1. Is there a special method i need to use if my BDMV is 3d ?

    2. Also , many of my needs are met with just the main movie , but some i desire

    the special features from . i find the bdmv file structure confusing , esp. in this

    special case . Is there a method to nab the extras as well ? im assuming they may be a seperate

    grab , or wouldnt i just get the entire movie , and the extras in one unseperated file ?

    Thanks for all help
  2. stdlbw18

    stdlbw18 Member

    Jun 1, 2008
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    BDMV\STREAMS\xxxxx.m2ts is the files you are looking for. You can use eac3to remux to MKV. Can't remember if it will do the audio also or not.

    Might just be better off ripping the streams with tsMuxer and then remuxing the ones you want ie. video and english audio with MKVtoolsNIX


    Do a google search for tsMuxer
  3. phillip_perry

    phillip_perry Member

    Mar 29, 2012
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    Firstly, if you mainly focus on viewing your blu-rays on TV, you can just rip and then convert them to .mkv format with lossless quality. The problem lies in the ripper you choose. Then if you want to keep the special extras, I'm afraid the video you get is a .m2ts file. Can your tv play this format? I'm using brorsoft blu-ray ripper for several months, upgrading from its dvd ripper. It is the best one among other rippers I've tried. You can get the best quality and spend least time. And it can back up your blurays as original. As I said, it is a .m2ts file. You can try the demo version and see whether you need it.

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