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Best 22 inch Monitors for about $1000

Discussion in 'All other topics' started by maximumpc, Sep 11, 2002.

  1. maximumpc

    maximumpc Guest

    I just had a question and I wanted to get an opinion/recommendation. I am currently looking for a 21 or 22 inch monitor that offers a 20 inch viewable image area and the best image quality for around $1000. I have narrowed it down two: Diamond Pro 2070SB-BK (from NEC/Mitsubishi) and the
    FP1375X (NEC/Mitsubishi). I have a black case and so I thought that the Diamond Pro 2070SB-BK would go great with it, but I really do not mind the beige/white NEC FP1375X. The 2070SB-BK offers slightly higher refresh rates, but I have read some reviews about how great the FP1375X's image quality is. So am just looking for the best in terms of image quality for around $1000...Does anyone have an opinion/recommendation??
  2. malli

    malli Guest

    I'd definitely recommend the 2070SB. I've been waiting for a good 22" monitor to come along for the past year. I acutally purchased an Iiyama 19" (pro451)about 8 months ago and had nothing but trouble with the image moving around the screen plus it took an eternity to wake up. I also looked and the Iiyama Pro 512 (22") and observed that it also took forever to wake up and the image wasn't very good. So as soon as I read a favourable review on the 2070SB I decided to buy it. The image quality is the best I've ever seen and it has an excellent array of controls for setting the screen image, and the image stays put when set. It also wakes up in a couple of secs. I've looked at so many monitors since $1000 is a lot of money and can honestly say I've not come across a better monitor than the 2070SB.
  3. maximumpc

    maximumpc Guest

    Thank you for the recommendation! I will definitely go with the Diamond Pro 2070SB-BK!!

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