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Best 52X Media

Discussion in 'CD-R(W) Media' started by zok, Jul 5, 2003.

  1. zok

    zok Guest

    Which media would be the best fgor a 52X burner? I've heard that the Vertbatim(Manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical Media)Super Azo dye is the best for these high speeds. Any suggestions?
  2. mhoope02

    mhoope02 Member

    Jun 6, 2003
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    52x rated media :p

    Im very confident in stating that any media manufacturers whom you trust to produce decent 48x discs, you should trust to produce decent 52x discs.

    In my experience in this field, TDK SpeedX (TDK manufactured) : 48x discs gives 3 times less C1 errors than 52x discs at speeds of 24x and under (same once you get to > 24x).

    Yes, Verbatim (Data Life Plus is guaranteed to be Mitsubishi) is amongst the best. Search for the best manufacturers in other places on this forum ;)
  3. jznelly

    jznelly Guest

    i think that tdk is the best media

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