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best audio for dvd-r

Discussion in 'High resolution audio' started by TEARLEZZ, Jul 12, 2004.


    TEARLEZZ Member

    Jul 12, 2004
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    hi i'm new in here i have one question for you guys sorry if this has been answered already.whats the best freaking audio to record on a dvd-r is it ac3?.does the brand of dvd's matter?because i bought some of the cheap ones and i have not be able to record on dvd secusses fully they dvd's that i record keep skipping.i use tmpgenc xpress for encoding and tempgenc dvd author for the recording any advice would be greatfully for me.thanks in advance my apolgy if i'm pissing you off.
  2. vurbal

    vurbal Administrator Staff Member

    Nov 30, 2002
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    1. Most people would probably say AC3 is best (it's what I use), although there are cases (like music DVDs) where LPCM (WAV) audio is better. If you're in PAL-land MPEG Audio may also be a good choice, but in NTSC-country it's not standards compliant for that to be your only audio stream.

    And yes, media quality is a big issue - maybe even the biggest one there is. The general recommendation you'll find here is either Ritek Grade A or branded Verbatim (meaning it says Verbatim on the disc). Playback problems can often be traced to cheap media.

    Edit: BTW, this should be in one of the DVD forums. This one is really for things like DVD-A and SACD. No big deal, just keep it in mind next time ;)
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  3. wilkes

    wilkes Regular member

    May 31, 2003
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    What he said, with a couple of additions:
    1/. Try to encode the video using a maximum setting of 7MB/sec, as some players - Sony for one - badly mis interpret the specs and will only allow a maximum of 9.8MB/sec WITH uncompressed audio. Which in their implementation leaves a maximum of 8.2MB/sec for the video. Encoding at 7MB/sec will actually peak the file at around 8MB/sec.
    See www.tecoltd.com for an app called "bitrate viewer" which shows you the true bitrates.

    PCM Audio at 16/48 is the highest quality, but uses 1.536MB/sec for it's bitrate.
    DD(AC3) Audio uses 0.192MB/sec and is a lot less likely to "choke" the player.

    At a rough guess, this is what is causing your skipping, as I bet the encoded video rate is way over 8MB/sec.

    Also, brand does matter. Use either Verbatim or Maxell. Nothing else. You write the disc once before playing maybe hundreds of times, so always write at single speed, or double speed maximum. Never use 4x or 8x as the burn simply is not as good.


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