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Best compression quality for capturing

Discussion in 'Video capturing from analog sources' started by YoRiver, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. YoRiver

    YoRiver Guest

    I hope this is the right forum where to ask my questions
    I'm kind of new to this and I've lot of questions
    So maybe you can also redirect me to some FAQ, on-line manuals or a more appropriate forum

    I've MGM cartoons that I collect on VHS
    These are kind of rare and will never be released on DVD
    They're also aired on a regional television right now

    I want them to be preserved for future vision at the best audio and video quality possible
    If I convert the vhs or the tv signal to video files what kind of format, resolution and compression should I chose in order to have the best audio and video quality possible ?
    Is converted from vhs video-file better video quality or worst video quality compared to the original
    source ?

    If I chose the DivX format, what kind of compression should I use to have the best video quality in full screen or 28 inches television ?
    All DivX out there are watchable only in 352 x 240 resolution

    As I said a lot of questions, sorry... I've a lot to learn

    Best Regards

  2. Minion

    Minion Senior member

    Sep 28, 2003
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    The Capture Quality depends on the Quality of the Video Source and the Quality of your Capture device and the Format you capture too...

    It is best to Capture with the Least ammount of Compression Possible and at the Highest Resolution and you Can compress to your Desired Format after Captureing.....

    You should Capture at 720+480 for NTSC or 720+576 for Pal and a Low Compression Capture codec Like HuffYUV would be best and After Captureing you can add filters to clean up the Video and then compress it to your desired format...
    If you want to Watch these Shows on your TV then I suppose you will have to put the Video on to DVD and DVD uses the Mpeg2 Video Format so after Capture to HuffYUV AVI you would use a good Quality Mpeg encoder Like Tmpgenc to encode the Captured file to a DVD Compliant Mpeg2 file and then you would use a DVD Authoring program to Put the Mpeg2 file on to DVD with menu"s and Chapters and then you can watch it in your DVD Player....

    Generally the Quality of the Finnished DVD is going to be lower than your Original Video Source cut Captureing and Encodeing is a Very Lossy process but how much Quality you Loose will depend on your Capture device and software and Compression Quality ECT.....

    There is a Tutorial section on this site that you should check out and maybe you will find some usefull info there or if you go over to http://www.dvdrhelp.com/ you will also find usefull information....


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