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Best converting/burning software

Discussion in 'Video - Software discussion' started by shane2006, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. shane2006

    shane2006 Member

    Apr 3, 2007
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    What is the best software to use to convert and burn avi files.

    I am currently using Convert X to DVD and DVD shrink which allows me to fit 2.5 hours worth on a 4.7gb DVD. Probaly could fit more, but I only usually put 2.5 hrs on each DVD. Sometimes the audio is out of sync, am I right to think its because Im trying to fit too much on 1 DVD?

    Is there better software out there to avoid the syncing problem?

    Any advice would be great!!!
  2. rav009

    rav009 Active member

    Nov 14, 2005
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    I use the same software, personally I don't think there's any better for the job. AVI's cause sync problems like that sometimes, happens to everyone. It helps to have the latest version of ConvertXtoDVD. Also, try this.

    "Download AVI-Mux GUI


    1) Load an avi into Avi_mux that you intend on converting to DVD
    2) Select "Generate Data Source From Files" button.
    3) Click on the AVI info at bottom of Avi-Mux window

    IF YOU SEE "delay [ms]" showing anything other than "0" Process the avi by clicking the START button on AVI-MUX.

    Takes only a few seconds and creates a corrected version of the offending avi file that IS IN-SYNC were both streams actually DO have

    Stream #1 sync. delay :0.00 ms
    Stream #0 sync. delay :0.00 ms

    Sync problems thus removed when converting to DVD viaConvertXtoDVD. I am now a very happy bunny and have now totally uninstalled WinAvi.. I am now 100% ConvertXtoDVD user...


    IF an AVI plays out of sync with playback software, this is an AVI problem and NOT a ConvertXtoDVD problem... There are many tutorials available showing you how to re-sync such files.."

    Hope it helps.


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