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best copy software??

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by JennyCy, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. JennyCy

    JennyCy Guest

    I bought the "all in one" DVDclone 2.5, the whole process goes fine but when I play the movie sometimes it works sometimes it plays 1/2 the movie and cuts outs, or I can only watch the previews.there support never returns my email
    bought DVDxpress and since there lawsuit its just not the same and they cant give any support.
    to much money wasted.. does anyone have advice on a good shareware coping software???
    (already have DVD decrypter)
  2. brian100

    brian100 Guest

  3. Deeman

    Deeman Guest

    What drive do you have and what software came with your drive?
  4. bitpicker

    bitpicker Guest

    combine DVD shrink with DVD Decrypter. You can customize the compression very easily with shrink.
  5. roeod4

    roeod4 Regular member

    Jun 11, 2013
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    What type and brand of media are you using?
  6. JennyCy

    JennyCy Guest

    use dvd shrink as a burning softare???
    HP 720 pavillion ..
    TDK dvd rw drive, and easy CD creator came with it...
    i was also wondering now that i have the DVD Decrypter can i just use EasyCD to burn my DVDs or does it have to be something like nero, dvdclone, xpress, ext.....
  7. woof811

    woof811 Regular member

    Oct 7, 2003
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    use dvd shrink as the ripper and encoder and have nero do the burning , you will need nero 6 .
    but as you have easy cd ( roxio )you will need to uninstall it as it dont like nero or any other burning software come to think off it .
    once you have shrink and nero installed this is what you do :-
    first we shall setup dvd shrink to be an all in one program ,
    1, open shrink
    2, select edit and then preferences
    3, the target dvd size click custom and set it to 4300mb
    4, next select FILE I/O and make sure enable burning with nero is ticked .
    now shrink is ready to start backing up your dvds this is what you do :-
    1 , open shrink and select open disc ( shrink will then analyze your dvd )
    2 , select full disc then backup .
    3 , on target device select your dvd burner .
    4, click ok
    by doing this dvd shrink will now rip , encode and then burn ( using neros burn engine ) as iff it was an all in one program .
  8. JennyCy

    JennyCy Guest

    ok... i have DVD Decrypter , if i download Shrink DVD i can totally skip the decrypter and just shrink the DVD and go to CloneDVD ? (not wasting more money on ANOTHER program)
    ....and is that why my cloneDVD 2.5 is not working correct all the time because i didnt shrink it first?
  9. mikesapd

    mikesapd Guest

    Well, to start fresh with new software here's what I suggest. You need two things (besides a DVD burner). Try the Intervideo DVDCopy Platinum (you can type this in a search engine and get the main page to get the demo which last about 15 days). You also need a region & css free program which gets rid of the css (type in dvd region+css free - you are looking for version 5.02 - this is also a demo version that last 30 days) The region free loads up automatically when you open Intervideo. Now you can backup your dvds. If these work for you, you can buy the license code to make it work beyond the demo time period. I hope it helps and works for you.
  10. flip218

    flip218 Moderator Staff Member

    Apr 25, 2004
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    Here are some "recipes".


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