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Best Online Game?

Discussion in 'Windows - Games' started by Lolly64, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. Lolly64

    Lolly64 Guest

    Ya I know, I'm gonna buy that game, I already played the game with 1 of my friends ( LAN ). Thanks alot, I just wish I had a faster Internet Connection, Im only dwnloadin 41 MAX kb/ps. This is 4 F.E.A.R :)

    So pls seed LOL, and if anybody know how I can download FASTER, cuz ive had this prob 4 a long time now, never could realy download fast on Torrents, so if anybody could tell me how 2 download faster, would realy apreciate, cuz I know my connection is alot faster :(
  2. PeaInAPod

    PeaInAPod Active member

    Nov 28, 2005
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    What program are you using to download your torrents? Were are you getting your torrents?
  3. HyphyDesi

    HyphyDesi Guest

    Well, The answer actually depends on what you want. Counterstrikes cannot be really compared to Battlefield 2 since counter strike is FPS (which can mean First Person Shooter in gamer vocabulary), with no vehicles.Battlefield 2 has vehicles and shooting, so the vary a little bit.

    According to X-fire, which is a Instant Messenger like Yahoo messenger or AIM(Except X-fire is for gamers it records what game you play once you log on to it and how much you played it).

    Look at the section where it says "Todays top games", Even though it says today's, it is always or usually like that. So you should get an idea of what is a good game because when there is a good game, there is a lot of people.

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  4. pfc703

    pfc703 Guest

    You maybe won't have heard of it, but Joint Operation: Typhoon Rising/ Escalation is a phenomenal game. Best Online multiplayer shooter ever!
  5. Amder

    Amder Member

    Mar 30, 2007
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    Battlefield 2 with special forces expansion is fun.
    And America's army is good.
    All the splinter cells are fun.
    You could also try starwars battlefront 1 and 2 they are ok
    And this is not a shooting game but Lord of the rings Shadows of Angmar is fun it is just about to go into open beta.

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