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Beyond BLU-RAY and HD-DVD

Discussion in 'HDTV discussion' started by Adamontar, Jun 3, 2007.

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    Sep 1, 2006
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    Most movies are filmed on 35mm film stock, and some going up to 70mm, such as the movie ben hur.
    The equivilent pixel resolution is about 2160x2970 for a 35mm film. The highest resolution that these movies can be seen is on blu-ray or hd-dvd, at only 1080x1920. so you are only seeing a partial of the capable quality that the movie was filmed on.
    So in the future you can watching these movies from 3 to (9 times if the movie is filmed on 70mm film) the resolution of blu-ray or hd-dvd, or 6 to 9 megapixel resolution, blu-ray only being around 2 megapixel resolution.
    This technology may not be far of, as the holographic versatile disc is now being made which could be able to play these movies, as this disk has a transfer rate of up to 1 gigabyte a second, compard to 30 megabytes a second for blu-ray.
    The top lcds now have a resolution of 1080x1920, but there is this one company, I think it was sharp that made a 8 megapixel resolution capable lcd. So with this lcd and Holographic versatile disk, you could play 6 megapixel resolution movies.
  2. diabolos

    diabolos Guest

    Its mot like this technology would be affordable for any on a budget any times soon so I can wait. For me to enjoy that level of realism (or better) I will have to settle for state of the art movie studios.

    Current Digital Cinema cameras also have resolutions that are a little below film (although they have no grain) at "2K" resolution. New cameras on on the way that plan to match or surpass films resolution by going to 4K, 5K, and I read somewhere about 6K as well.


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