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BIG Problem !!!!!!

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by dallasvic, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. dallasvic

    dallasvic Guest

    I hope someone can help or give me tips on a movie I downloaded on my Limewire.Its Jarhead- DVD Movie.When I try to play it on all my players it give me this message.Player can not render some of the pis in the graph or you may not have the right codec or filter on your system.The following pin(s)have failed to find a connectable filter. I asked this same question at the forum at CNET and was told I was pirating this movie.I have no clue how to pirate a movie.This is my first time downloading movie and I have only been do this for 5 months and have only been able to watch on movie I downloaded thank to Dell support. I had no clue to all the thing you have to download just to watch a movie on a player much less haw to rip and burn. Can someone PLEASE HELP me find out more about this one movie and if it is not againest the law to download it.
  2. nedflan

    nedflan Member

    Nov 21, 2006
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    when you download a copyrighted movie or song its called pirating.

    my help for ya would be don't do it

    but to play it just download some codecs try k-lite mega pack
    your gonna have to search for it on the net

    just don't post here about downloading movies anymore its illegal
  3. janrocks

    janrocks Guest

    As you are new, and it's allowed to discuss what to do with downloaded stuff once you have it...

    A few quick questions..

    What are the files called? Is there just one big one ending .avi/mpg or lots and lots ending vob1,vob2 etc?

    What player are you trying to play them with?

    Anything else you think may be relevant (but not where you got it from)

    Little hint.. I call limewire "virus central" It's not a safe place to get anything from.
  4. dallasvic

    dallasvic Guest

    First of all LOOKS like I did something illegal after all, by posting this in the worng place . SORRY EVERYONE!!! : (, but it does not have all that vob1,vob2 ect. I have tried to play it on my Media Classic, Mega Media Player and I have a DivX Player ,but I have not figured out how to get it to it , also I just download the Real Player alternative its new have not tried it yet! I also have BitComet, Morpheius,& BitTorrent, are these OK programs and may I ask what you use? I Thank You for the help and information and if anymore advice would be great.I think I will find the movie in another place and delete this one per your advice and as I said THANK YOU !!!! Dallasvic
  5. IHoe

    IHoe Senior member

    May 21, 2005
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