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BIN file - CD-R/w or DVD-RW?

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by themowgli, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. themowgli

    themowgli Guest

    Hi, I wonder if someone could clear up a little problem I've got with a bin file. I tried to burn it to a DVD+RW using magic iso but the thing wouldn't play. I wanted to put it on a DVD as the file size is over 650MB, and therefore won't fit on a CD (Bit confused as to how it come from a CD in the first place, given it's size). It might be that it can't be put on a DVD at all and that's the problem, however I did read on another thread something about rendering. Not that I understand this process, but could this be the problem? (Although Magic ISO didn't ask anything about rendering). I am well confused, and would welcome some instructions on what I need to do. Thanks in advance.
  2. themowgli

    themowgli Guest

    Hi again,

    Just thought i'd mention that I have read all of the FAQ and different threads etc relating to my problem but still can't find the answer. Also as I haven't had a reply yet :-(, I thought I'd have a go at burning it to a cd-r.

    I used alcohol 120% for this, as it would seem that this is the preferred prog for all the people out there who are, unlike me, skilled in burning bin/cue files.

    The thing is it burns okay, but when i load the disc into my stand alone dvd player, it recognises it a VCD but doesn't play. Also, when I load it into my PC it just open the directory of the CD drive and I can see 4 folders named:


    The same happens if I load the bin or cue file into the virtiual drive in Alcohol 120%. What am doing that is so wrong here. I thought that the movie would play. If I double click in the mpegav folder (where I thought the movie data would be) it just gives me a dat file that the computer doesn't recognise if i double click on it. Please help someone, as this is driving me insane. I'm rather tempted to put this computer is going in the bin, either that or i'll put my head through the screen!

    Thanks again in advance.

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