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Bloody annoying frame rates! 23 fps whats the point?

Discussion in 'DivX / XviD' started by Xsilver, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. Xsilver

    Xsilver Regular member

    Jan 10, 2004
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    When you download video in Divx/XVID format and then check the properties for the frame rate why is it that most files are 23 fps.

    For conversion to DVD is has to be either

    PAL/SECAM - 25fps or
    NTSC 24 or 29.97 fps

    All of the above frame rates are suitable for conversion to DVD. So why the hell are most Divx/XVID files are 23fps it makes no sense.

    When you convert these to DVD the video st-st-stutters along and convert the frame rate is just such a head ache it aint worth bothering with. And a 3:2 pulldown will only convert 29.97fps to 24fps.

    So i think i am missing some of the point, but the only thing i can think of is the VCD/SVCD is the reason. I think this is still weird because the price of DVD writers have come down to such a level that more or less anyone who can afford a PC can afford a DVD writer at under £40 pounds you can have a choice of 7 or more.

    OK ramble over
  2. shiroh

    shiroh Guest

    thats bacause film is shot at 24fps. the 29.97 is when they telecined it for tv. how they do tat is by making duplicate frames, which won't do any good, motion wise.

    and why people are encoding it at 23.96fps ? cause. its saves bitrate. more bits per frame. meaning better video quality.

    now more are encoded progressively and tagged 3:2.

    vcd which is mpeg 1 can't be tagge with it. if i'm right.
    well try dgpulldown
  3. The_OGS

    The_OGS Active member

    Feb 18, 2004
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    You are confused - 23 is short for 23.976 fps, which is actually 24 fps (NTSC).
    Technically the 24 fps is 24000/1001 fps (it loses 1 frame in 1000 seconds) which is where 23.976 comes from.
    24 fps is the standard for film and therefore also progressive DVD.
    So forget 23 (there is no 23) call it 24 fps ;^)

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