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Blu-ray will take on mandatory managed copy, but not iHD

Discussion in 'Blu-ray players' started by ireland, Nov 17, 2005.

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    Blu-ray will take on mandatory managed copy, but not iHD
    Posted by Seán Byrne on 18 November 2005 - 00:59 - Source: The New York Times (Subscription)

    Recently, Hewlett Packard showed how anxious they were for Blu-ray to adopt mandatory managed copy and iHD that they planned to jump ship to HD DVD if the Blu-ray group didn't honour its request. Unfortunately, while the Blu-ray group was willing to consider this, they have now made its decision against HP's technology request as it could potentially delay the launch date of when Blu-ray products will hit the market.

    The Blu-ray group has announced that the mandatory managed copy feature will be part of the Blu-ray format, however while Blu-ray will not be taking on iHD support, they will be taking on a Java based interactive software from Sun Microsystems instead.

    As HP wants to have both features added, they are becoming more likely to decide on whether to abandon the Blu-ray group and back HD DVD or consider becoming neutral by offering products in both formats. As HP is the 2nd largest manufacturer of PCs, if they leave Blu-ray, they could potentially end up causing Dell to change its mind and follow also, particularly since Microsoft and Intel both back Blu-ray only, at least at this time.

    While the Blu-ray group was willing to consider Hewlett's request, it was unwilling to make the changes to its standard if it meant delaying the introduction of new Blu-ray products next year, Mr. Parsons told Reuters.

    Mr. Parsons told Reuters that mandatory managed copy would be part of Blu-ray format, but while Hewlett's request for interactivity was being considered, "at this point in time, the Blu-ray group is still proceeding down the path of Java."

    The Blu-ray group could change course and adopt the additions that Hewlett wants. But for now, Hewlett is a step closer to having to decide whether to leave the Blu-ray group and formally join forces with the Toshiba group, or potentially produce products in both standards.

    Some further info can be read on this Techtree article.

    As the Mandatory Managed Copy feature entitles one to copy the contents of their disc securely on to their PC, this is one feature that could have made consumers decide on which format to go for. At present, there is no way to build up a library of movies on a PC from CSS protected DVDs that does not involve circumventing the copy protection. However, as both Blu-ray and HD DVD will be using sophisticated anti-piracy measures, chances are that the only way consumers can copy their movies onto their PC would be through its provided secure copy methods. As the Blu-ray group was originally against supporting this feature, this would have made consumers who are interested in building up a PC library think twice of the format.

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