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[bold] HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR OWN MODS on halo 2[/bold]

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware mods' started by GOT_HALO, Sep 6, 2006.


    GOT_HALO Guest

    how do you make your own mods like jumping high shooting fast and all that other stuff? How do you put modded maps on your xbox?
  2. handsom

    handsom Regular member

    Mar 29, 2006
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    Use the search function, there are literally hundreds of threads on it already, just search ad forums for halo 2 mods.

  3. newbmodd

    newbmodd Guest

    this is probably the best tut for dot halo i have seen in the 3 years i have been modding(well maybe not the best but the most tuts in one place) if you dont want to search
  4. blade003

    blade003 Guest

    you can use, dothalo, H2edit for mods like jump really high and run really fast and you can use insolence for new vehicles such as phantom
  5. supamikel

    supamikel Guest

    ive made a whole site on that its in my sig

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