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[bold]Saving your incomplete data[/bold]

Discussion in 'All other topics' started by fsq, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. fsq

    fsq Guest

    [bold]Hi to everybody!!![/bold]
    I have over 60 files up for downloading and 50 of them are paused because I dont have enough speed to DL them at the same time. There is a problem with my Harddisk and I want to Format it but as i mentioned above that i have a very large data up for downloading and some of them are about to be completed if I Format my harddisk then I will loose all of my incomplete data IS there any safe method for saving incomplete data. so when i Format my hard disk and install kazaa and resume the download from where i left.
    I am asking this because this has happened to me in the past that i burned the incompleted file to a CD before formating my hard disk. but when i installed kazaa and put the incompleted DAT files in to my shared folder, kazaa does not recognise that data and file does not show up in the traffic window you can imagine if this happens to anyone out there, what would you do?. speacially when you have very large number of data to be downloaded, and if it is lost and you dont even remember what were you dowloading.
    So any body Knows any solution to this problem would be greatly appriciated.
    and PLZ reply Soon !
  2. scott2453

    scott2453 Guest

    i had this same problem when i used to use kazaa too. if the files that your downloading arent incredibly huge, i would suggest just holding off on the format until they are all finished. then compress them and backup to cds. but if time or free space is important in this case, you could always solve this problem the old fashioned way: with pen and paper write the file names down and dl them when your up and running again.
    BTW, i would advise against using kazaa use something else. there are many other P2P services out there
  3. fsq

    fsq Guest

    And what would other p2p be? Name them what you like the best or the best there is ?.
    personally i want a p2p with which i can download huge selection of movies and songs of any kind and this p2p software should have huge network. can you name that p2p thanx.
    and the method that you r telling abt writing down the name of the files, i have done that but this is waste of time. so my problem is that i dont want to waste my time anymore.
    Can i move my data to another harddisk and move it back to my HDD when im ready will this work?plz reply soon
    thanx again!
  4. logop

    logop Member

    Mar 11, 2005
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    I have a problem to resume the incomplete kazaa download file. i just install kazaa 3.0 and uninstalled the old one (kazaa 2.4.60)... but i have no idea how resume the incomplete file previously download with the old kazaa. any one there know how?

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