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Discussion in 'Xbox - Backup discussion' started by trenz, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. trenz

    trenz Guest

    I've backed up a few movies using dvd+r and booktype set to dvd-rom. I thought that I had read this was better than dvd-r. They all played fine in my xbox.

    Now I want to try backing up a few xbox games. Should I follow the same procedure? Does the booktype setting matter with games, or should I just use dvd-r?

  2. Bohefus

    Bohefus Regular member

    Nov 20, 2004
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    Booktype setting definately matters and your xbox won't read the disc if you burn dvd+r and don't have it set to dvdrom. I used to have an HP writer that would automatically set the booktype setting to dvdrom for +R disc's so I had no problems.The Plextor I have now doesn't do that and I was real pissed with all the +R game disc's that wouldn't play on my box.Now I just use -R
  3. trenz

    trenz Guest

    thanks for the reply. could you tell me if one is better than the other. -r, or +r set to rom


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