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bouquet files

Discussion in 'Digital TV - United States & Canada' started by handrail, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. handrail

    handrail Member

    Apr 18, 2005
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    Have a sagembox flashed with commando 6 image, channels all arranged beautifully in the bouquet,sports ,movies,entertainment etc. copied this bouquet file to my pc using ftp. Have another sagem box with the same image but with the programs all in a mess.Tried to upload the bouquet from the first box to the temp file of the second box but they don't seem to show up on the second box when i ftp them across.I have dragged and dropped the files accross and the log says file transferred, but nothing shows up on the box. I followed the guides to flash an image using ftp, but are the bouquet files uploaded to the box the same way an image is.Am i doing something simple wrong. any help out there, ta very much
  2. Sipper

    Sipper Member

    Dec 9, 2006
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    From what I understand you need to transfer the file to the zapit folder, not the tmp folder.

  3. Raxxx

    Raxxx Guest

    Log into your dbox via ftp.

    Open my documents and type in the address bar FTP://YOUR.IP./TMP

    it will ask for the username and password. (default username: root , default password: dbox2)

    drag the image you want to flash the box with into this folder.

    on your dbox2 menue select services, then update image, then write new image, and when you choose, choose the one with out bootloader.

    once your image has been flashed, you will need to get the new ip of the dbox2.

    get your other dbox2 and hook it up to the pc.


    username: root
    password: dbox2

    once your into your box go into tuxbox -> config -> zapit and your bouquets and service files will be there.

    copy and paste them to your desktop.

    disconnect that box and reconnect the first box that you have flashed. and follow the same procedure to get the bouquets but this time you will be replacing the serivce and bouquet file with the one you have. once you have replaced the bouquet and service files. go on your dbox menu then services, and reload bouqeuts or update bouquet.

    if you get stuck jus post again and i will try my best to help.

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