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burn a big image on two CD s?

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by hodab, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. hodab

    hodab Guest

    Hi everybody. I have a big Image (.iso). It can not be burned on just one CD which has just 700 MB. Is there any way to burn it on two CDs or more in a chain? I remember that we could do that for disketts. I DO NOT have a dvd writer. Thank for any help.
  2. venomX05

    venomX05 Regular member

    Jan 18, 2005
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    Hey bodab,

    Ok...well I guess you have alittle problem there don't you?

    Well since you don't have a dvd burner the only other option is to use a shrinking program that you can use to take out things, such as info that you won't be needing that is just taking up space.

    I THINK you can use DVD Shrink but don't quote me on that.

    If you give this a try or try doing a search online in regards to shrinking cd information or iso, then that will be your best bet.

    If you don't have a burner, that is cool, but if you get a chance, get a multi burner so that you can do dvd's and cd's as well.

    Hope this helps!

  3. LiNx88

    LiNx88 Member

    Mar 21, 2005
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    DVD Shrink is only for DVD videos. I don't think there is anyway you can burn it to two cd's.

    If its game or something like that, you will never be able to.

    If its just data, you can extract the files from the image, and then burn them seperately, using a program called UltraISO.


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