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Burn a DVD... although it ends up slow & choppy...??

Discussion in 'Nero discussion' started by Die4sk8, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Die4sk8

    Die4sk8 Member

    Sep 2, 2007
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    I've just started burning DVD's with the Nero 7 software (Nero Vision 4) ... you know... putting video's & clips onto the blank DVD.

    Although... everytime I preview it... or play it on my DVD... the clips are choppy.. and are slow.

    Why is this?

    Can anyone tell me a way I could configure these things, so the clips play the way they play on my PC?

    Thanksss so much in advance ... cheers...
  2. IHoe

    IHoe Senior member

    May 21, 2005
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    what exactly do you mean the clips play choppy and slow? Where are you playing the DVD? on your computer or on your TV? try playing the burned DVD on your drive that burned the DVD (on the computer). If it plays fine there and doesn't play good on your standalone DVD player watching it on TV then it's the media you used and the player doesn't like it much. try using better media. here are more tips to live by:

    1. burning speeds: burn at 4x so there will be less writing errors (rule of thumb is to burn at half the rated speed of the disk--8X disk burn at 4x).
    2. read manual for your stand alone player and use the disks that will play in your player. If your player is less than 2 yrs old then it should play the + or - R disks! I said SHOULD that's why you read the manual.
    3. try booktyping your drive to DVd-ROM so it will make your +R disks more compatible to players. Read this:
    4. make sure that there are no finger prints or scratches on your disk that make it hard for the player to read the disk!
    5. use good quality media (rule of thumb....buy the ones that are Made in Japan.) Verbatim is a top notch disk and is the only exception to this rule....some Verbatims are made in Taiwan and they are top notch!
    6. and don't burn too close to the outer edge of the disk ..... which will make the disk unreadable! but using good media you will be able to burn close to the edge better than lesser quality media. Just in case I only burn no closer than 4400MB, so if you can set your programs to that, all the better!

    follow these little tips of the trade and you'll have better success! good luck. welcome to afterdawn.

    also read this:
    why the +R media is better than the -R media

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