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Burn Error!! Anyone Get this? Please Help!

Discussion in 'DVD2One forum' started by pauley_b, May 21, 2003.

  1. pauley_b

    pauley_b Guest

    Downloaded Smartripper, ran DVD2one, ran Nero, added all the files, 1x speed, and same result.

    My guess is that there is something up with my Burner. Weird thing is, I was able to burn 2 dvd's (movie back-ups) but they were so random, I did everything the same and was able to get 2 out of 10 tries to be successful. Everything else burned for 1% and then error'd out.

    I have the latest firmware for my Pioneer Dvd-rw DVR-104. Not sure what else to do...

    any help is appreciated.
  2. cpb353

    cpb353 Guest

    What error message(s) are you getting?

    Using Nero, I used to get an 'error burning end of disc at once'. I have an external NEC ND1000A DVD+R.

    I switched to using CopytoDVD, which uses a different layer (Patin Couffin instead of Aspi) and the problem cleared up.

    You could do worse than give it a go.....
  3. spotme

    spotme Guest

    instead of using smartripper use dvddecrypter, dvd2one and nero express its so much easier

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