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burn to dvd-r with nero 6

Discussion in 'Audio' started by ses, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. ses

    ses Guest

    i have a problem and could do with some help please.i am using nero 6.

    1, selected dvd
    2, selected dvd-video
    3/ new
    4, opened video ts folder
    5, dragged them into dvdvideo1-dvd
    6, burn dialog
    7, marked write in check box
    8, check speed
    and clicked write

    then i received a message dvdvidoe files compliance test failed. the resulting dvdvideo might be unplayable
    do you wish to continue.

    can anyone help
  2. ses

    ses Guest

    i have realised this is in the wrong forum, but i would be grateful if someone could help.
  3. VaderK

    VaderK Guest

  4. ses

    ses Guest

    i have an avi file which i what transfering to dvd-r. i have used super dvd creater, and with this im using ifoedit, when i get to burn it shows that the computer has to close down. so i have used nero, and thats when this problem was discovered.

    if you can give step by step instructions what i should be doing then i would be grateful.

    i have pioneer 107 writer, and i have the following software, (windows98)

    super dvd creater
    dvd decrypter
    nero 6

    that many guides show different things, i havent a glue where im up to.
  5. VaderK

    VaderK Guest

    I have the dvd2avi that came with my copy of DVD2One but honestly I have never installed it or used it yet. (It was free with the DVD2One) so I can't help you there.

    I do a lot of digital movies with camcorder and I am using Ulead Video Studio, have versios 6,7 and now have ver 8. It works great with taking an .avi file and allows you to edit, insert text frames, transitions, add or delete audio, and it will encode and even create your own Menu and create your own chapter points too!..

    After the encode (demux etc...) you can either burn to a DVD (has its own burning engine) or save as a file, and, can export it as a finshed avi, mpg 1 or 2, quicktime file, etc... and allows you to set your own frame rate as well... it is a very worthwhile program for working with those kinds of files... editing, finishing and burning to just about any kind of file format out there...

    Sorry I can't help with the program you have, but what it sounds like is that you need to get your avi files demuxed and transcoded to an mpg2 file first before Nero can do anything with it, I say that ref the error you say you get from Nero, since they are not mpg files that is why you get the message that the compliance test failed.

    Haven't seen any documentation on the dvd2avi program but I am sure you can find some with a search or just play around with it and see what happens.

    Hope some of this may help. I strongly recommend Ulead Video Studio if you plan on working with avi's tho, it is an awesome program. I belive they have a trial version available on their site if you want to check it out, but I might be wrong, go to ulead.com and check it out.

    Sorry I couldn't be of any more help,
    Good luck


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