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Burning a 2/3/4 disc pc game to dvd...???

Discussion in 'All other topics' started by bleem, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. bleem

    bleem Guest

    Hi there...I am quite new to pc game burning (although not a newbie when it comes to using cdr's/dvd's for films), and was wondering if there is a way to put a 2..3 maybe 4 cd even, PC game onto dvd, so that it auto-installs without having to keep changing game discs at the 'insert disc2/3/4' prompt..etc..

    I appreciate most modern games have tag files and macrovision files, which cause this, but there must be some way of transfering mulitple game discs to 1 dvd..

    Any help would be appreciated... :)

  2. Prisoner

    Prisoner Guest

    It depends on how the game is played and installed. I have been able to do this with games that install ever thing on the Hard disk. By just putting the discs into folders and selecting them during the install this worked. But if the game needs the disk during play it doesn't work, you may have to readdress some file on the disk to make it look on the same disc. I don't know what this would be called, but it would have some address inforation telling to look for tag x and contiune the install.
  3. bleem

    bleem Guest

    Hi there...Thankyou for your post...I am going to rip the files to seperate folders, and save on hard disk .....then try and install this way..Not quite convinced its gonna work due to the cd tag i found in one of the game folders...but who knows..:)..
    The way i did it before was to create a multisession dvd, first ripping it to h/drive then burning the first cd as it was on first session...On the second session i added disc 2..but overwrote any file which was the same from disc 1, and the same for disc 3 in relation to disc 1 and 2..(hope this makes sense :) )it burnt fine..installed to 67% then asked me to insert the course disk (the game in question is Tiger woods 2004-sorry i should have mentioned it first..)..the courses are on definately on the disk...and looking at the setup.tag file....there is a reference to all set up init files, which look ok..apart from the coursesinit, which has a safedisk line of text....I guess this is or could be the reason why it wont install when it gets to the courses part of the installation...
    Anyway..thanks for the advice...i will keep at it and see if i can crack this annoying problem..:)
    I will let you know how i get on...lol

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