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burning a dvd-5

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by saleen, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. saleen

    saleen Guest

    How do I burn a dvd-5? What programs or turtorial will i have to use inorder to do this? i have a dvd decrypter, ifoeditor, rempeg2, vobrator, dvdcalc, and windvd. I'm looking for a free download of nero burn. I tried someones method and burn to a dvd and it wont run on a dvd player only on the dvd rom. I need instructions for doing this on windows xp. thanks
  2. 54321

    54321 Guest

    what dvd-r's are you using as there are some media disks that will not play on standalone players

    Exsample: BulkPAQ Generation 3 DVD-R

    i made plenty coasters out of these

    vcdhelp.com will give you all the rundown
    on alot of media disks
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  3. saleen

    saleen Guest

    IMATION 2hr video 4.7gb

    what method do you suggest?
  4. 54321

    54321 Guest

    sorry dont know them never herd of them.

    try this:DVD5 TO DVD-R

    DVD Decrypter v3.1.4.0

    if you have it if not download you will find it at doom9

    load your dvd then play it once the film starts shut down.
    all your doing is unlocking the DVD

    open DVD Decrypter

    go to mode

    click on: ISO then Read R

    this will give a profile of your dvd scrole down to you come to:

    "Number of Layers"

    1 = DVD5 (one layer)

    2 = DVD9 (two layers)

    if you have " 1 " go to your left you will see the words "Destination"
    the small folder across from it click on it and choose a folder for your iso that your going to make.

    go to: mode

    select: ISO

    select: Read R

    then rip the file to your folder you have choosing (DVD Decrypter will make a iso)

    go to: mode

    select: ISO

    select: Write W

    go to source and choose your folder then choose your iso

    everything should allready be set up( settings)

    choose your DVD writer

    click on the burn button(symbol looks like c drive)

    thats it DVD Decrypter will make a backup of your dvd

    if this doesent work on your standalone try some one elses
    if the answer is still No.

    you need to try some outher DVD-Rs

    i use Traxdata 1x speed ( never had one fail yet )


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