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Burning a slideshow disc with folder of photos included - how?

Discussion in 'Video to DVD' started by isaac4130, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. isaac4130

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    Apr 21, 2005
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    I'm trying to figure out how to author a dvd disc of a slideshow that has a Video & Audio TS folder (so it will auto-run on dvd players) but also include a folder of photos that will be accessible from a PC.

    At this stage, I have created my slideshow in iPhoto (I'm on a Mac, but have a PC as well) and have exported this slideshow as a Quicktime .mov file.

    So now I want to know the best way to get that .mov file onto a disc so it will run in a dvd player without menus etc - I don't want the JPEG folder to be accessible on the dvd player, but included somewhere on the disc.

    So far, I have managed to create a disc with Video TS, Audio TS folders by converting my .mov file to a .dv file in Toast, then adding in the JPEG folder & burning... it auto-runs fine when I put it into my PC or Mac, but once it's on a dvd player it comes up with the 3 folders (Video TS, Audio TS, Photos) suggesting it isn't finalized or something...

    Any suggestions?? I'm happy to use either Toast or Nero for the authoring, whichever will work!
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