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burning audio cd's that play on all cd players

Discussion in 'Audio' started by mistyroxy, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. ozsarah

    ozsarah Member

    Jul 29, 2005
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    I have legal versions of Microsoft on both computers.

    I've tried burning MP3 and WMP formats, both without any success.

    I've tried using Nero 6 (burning MP3s) on a test burn first without any problems. I can burn the CD fine and it will play perfectly in the computer. However, when I try to play it in the car or on my portable CD player, it only works for about 5 songs.

    I had the same problem when trying to burn with Windows Media Player and another program I have here, "Record It".

    I have used various quality of CDs all with failures.

    The whole thing doesn't worry me now because the MP3 CD Maker software is perfect, every time.

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