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Burning Audio for xbox and DVD -question-

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by ziggon, Oct 25, 2002.

  1. ziggon

    ziggon Guest


    For awhile now I've been trying to get CD-Rs to work on my Xbox but without success. I was wondering if theres a certain format I need to use or a certain type / color of CDR disc that can be read. Also the same question for the Sony DVD player, DVP-S9000ES. I heard darker blue discs work on this DVD player but havent found any that work. Anyone out there had any luck on these??

  2. elduder

    elduder Guest

    Yeah, MS screwed up on that one. The Xbox doesn't recognize CD-R's. Try using a CD-RW. That should work. You could buy a new Xbox which should have this bug fixed or do what I did and tell CompUSA that your DVD drive is broken and get a new one for free (if you bought a warranty).
  3. ziggon

    ziggon Guest

    anyone have any ideas on the DVD player? since that produces better audio quality id be most interested in any info about that.

    Thanks again =)

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