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Burning double layer DVD

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by louietoad, Oct 5, 2004.

  1. louietoad

    louietoad Guest

    Hey, new to this site, wondering if I can use DVD decrypter and Shrink to burn double layer DVD's on a Sony double layer recorder using double layer disc's or do I need some other software, thanks, Toads forever!
  2. Gringle

    Gringle Guest

    I read on this site somewhere decryper was ok for dual layer burning, I can't remember if Shrink was mentioned

    PS welcome to AfterDawn.
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  3. garydahl

    garydahl Member

    Oct 23, 2004
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    First of all, make sure you get the latest version of DVD Decrypter -

    It's supposed to be able to copy 2 layer discs and burn 2 layer discs. Read the Guide section of the DVD Decrypter forum, too. There are instructions on how to burn a double layer disc.

    I've tried to do it per instructions, but the disc only plays on my computer, not on my DVD player. So as far as I'm concerned, its still uncertain whether it will work....
  4. babybell

    babybell Guest

    I tried to rip several double layer dvd's (dvd's that have the same movie on each side, but different version- wide screen vs. regular one) but couldn't with either dvd dycripter or dvd shrink. Do you have any idea why?
  5. bbtong

    bbtong Guest

    The newest DVDDecrypter burns in dual layer with no problem. I burned "The Chronicles Of Riddick" successfully. You have to use ISO Read, then Write. I've always been a fan of DVDShrink but I made two dual layer coasters. That's a lot of money. I want to experiment with turning off DVDShrink's "Remove layer switch" then burning it in Nero, but for now I'll stick to what works which is DVDDecrypter.
  6. babybell

    babybell Guest

    Hi bbtong!
    I tried burning the double layer dvd with dvd shrink. This time it worked, but only when I removed everything else but the main movie.
    I will try again what you said about dvd decrypter: ISO then read and then write. I think it failed, but I will try again.
    thanks very much for the quick reply. You know what. For most movies, I'd rather have the main movie only anyways since you don't have to play around with the remote control all the time. It is really neat. Just sit, watch and relax...
  7. bbtong

    bbtong Guest

    I understand that your originals are double layer, but are you burning these on "double layer" discs or just 4.7GB discs? DVDShrink has always been easier for me to burn on 4.7GB.
  8. aw213

    aw213 Guest

    Hey all, I just started this week with a LG DVD burner (LG super multi re-writer). I downloaded Nero 6.6ultra, DVD shrink and dvd decrypter. I bought some DVD-R 4.7GB dvds and managed to 're-author' one DVD.

    I cannot make a back-up of another, after using DVD shrink to 'compress' what I don't need. The messages I get are:
    "Media requested: DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVDRAM, ..."
    "Media detected: DVD-R"

    No matter which blank DVD I put in ... same message.
    I checked with a utility in Nero (DVD info) and it assures me the disk is empty.

    The total size of movie info want to burn is 4.27GB

    Any suggestions??
  9. babybell

    babybell Guest

    with my dvd burner I don't ever try to burn a dvd-R. The reason: it is a combo drive, which means it writes both cd's and dvd's. That is why I only buy dvd+R or dvd+RW. If you can't burn with dvd-R discs, try the dvd+R. For your sake, use at the beginnings only dvd+RW, so you don't waste them in case burning fails
  10. babybell

    babybell Guest

    Hi! I burn on 4.7 dvd's. But now dvd shrink, as always, saves the day. Only one problem: dvd shrink destroys my dvd drive. After several times of using dvd shrink, the sound coming out of the drive when I play music is distorted. I had to change my combo drive two times already. I suspect that dvd shrink has a lot to do with that. That is why I try to use it less and less.
    Have anybody encountered the same problem?
  11. louietoad

    louietoad Guest

    Hey all, I've read all the replys to my original question and got a lot of great advise, thanks, I have read further on DVD Decrypter and found that yeah you can burn double layer DVD's by using read ISO and burn ISO. You may ask why bother with that if you can always put them on 4.7 gigs anyway, well like anything else these days they will do away with 4.7 gig and all we'll have is dual layer so why not get started now. Babybell, I have had no trouble with DVD Shrink ruining my Sony 530 DVD recorder. I've recorded over fifty discs through it using Decrypter and Shrink so far with no problem playing my music CDs. I know the laser gets dirty sometimes, but I run a cleaner through it once in a while, maybe that helps, thanks again all, toads can learn something new!
  12. babybell

    babybell Guest

    thanks for the quick reply. Another question: is it possible to split one dvd into two disc with decrypter?
  13. Nullgrad

    Nullgrad Guest

    If you are concerned that shrink is damaging your DVD Drive why not rip the files onto your hard drive first
    with DVD Decrypter and then let Shrink do it's job.
    You'll find it runs faster when the files are on your hard drive. I'm assuming you have a sizeable hard drive.
  14. babybell

    babybell Guest

    Yes, I figured it out after Dell changed my drive two times as a result of using dvd shrink directly instead of using decrypter first. Now I don't seem to have any problem. Another good idea. Using the software by Norton "Partition Magic" I think helped me a great deal. Dividing the hard drive into separate virtual drives really minimizes software conflicts and problems. I really recommend it to everyone. I also find myself having to defragment the drive less and less.
  15. Nullgrad

    Nullgrad Guest

    Dividing a DVD between 2 Discs is easy with Shrink as well.......

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