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Burning isos??

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by Bravo568, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. Bravo568

    Bravo568 Guest

    Ok, Im downloading some torrents (movies) like the movie "Hitch"

    But i wanna know, once its done downloading can i watch it on my computer?? or do i have to burn it to a DVD disc?? and in either way if i can/cant watch it on my pc how do i burn an ISO on a DVD??

    Thank's in advance
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  2. thugs121

    thugs121 Regular member

    Aug 3, 2004
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    You can use Daemon Tools to create a virtual dvd-rom drive and mount the image. Your computer should read the file as if you inserted a dvd in the drive. Then you should be able to view it with your dvd software player.

    Without mounting the file, you can use DVD Decrypter to burn the iso under Mode/ISO/Write if the file is under 4.36 GBs.

    If the movie is over 4.36 GBs, you'll need to compress the video so that it will fit onto a blank dvd-r. You can use a free app, DVD Shrink to compress it.

    Keep in mind the manufacturers of the discs advertise them as [bold]4.7 GB[/bold]. This isn't true because they use a different mathematical formula for calculating that amount. 1 GB is approximately 1024 MB whereas the manufacturers use 1000 MB in their calculations.

    Here's a site with several guides to choose from to help you get started:


    Reading this thread will also help you immensely:


    DVD Shrink:

    DVD Decrypter:

    Daemon Tools:

    if you have additional questions, don't hesitate to post. Be sure to use the search function at the top of the site...maybe your questions have already been answered...

    good luck

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