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Burning kSVCD/kVCD files with Nero

Discussion in 'MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding (AVI to DVD)' started by thedee, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. thedee

    thedee Guest

    Hello! How can one burn with Nero Start Smart, Nero Vision Express or Nero Express kSVCD or kVCD video files (ie. non standard SVCD/VCD files)? In Nero Burning Rom you can choose whether you burn standard or non-standard SVCD/VCD video files but can you do the same with those 3 programs (Nero Start Smart, Nero Vision Express or Nero Express) – how do you burn non standard SVCD/VCD with those 3 programs?

    I mean if I use one of those programs (Nero Start Smart, Nero Vision Express or Nero Express) they show the kSVCD and kVCD video files too large: they don’t fit into 700 mb CD-R (they should fit with 100% certainty). But in Nero Burning Rom, where you can choose between standard SVCD/VCD and non-standard SVCD/VCD, if I choose non standard SVCD/VCD these kSVCD/kVCD files do fit into 700 mb CD-R.

  2. manyone

    manyone Member

    Oct 22, 2004
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    you can only use the nero burning rom (ie. full panel), as you mentioned - select the video-cd icon and TURN OFF the checkbox for standard svcd/vcd before you click NEW. after you've included the ksvcd/kvcd files you want to burn, you can choose the NERO EXPRESS icon from the menu bar and the express interface will take over. this is where you can fix the menu options and probably invoke other nero express options. i do this all the time when i need to burn 2 or more kvcd videos unto 1 cd with a customized menu.
  3. thedee

    thedee Guest

    OK, thank you very much.

    I want to make sure. One can choose between Nero ja Nero Express following your instructions; that is you can burn non standard svcd/vcd files in that way. But with NeroVision Express it is not possible to burn non standard ksvcd/kvcd files (you can't choose between standard and non standard svcd/vcd)?
  4. aldaco12

    aldaco12 Active member

    Nov 6, 2002
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    Sorry for the intrusion, but I'm tried to see all forum's partecipants that seem to be in love with Nero.
    Do this way and forget Nero for (S)VCDs:
    1) run VCDGear
    2) choose [video-CD] mpeg --> bin/cue (CD image)
    3) select the .bin (image) name and location pressing [save]
    4) press [start] and starting compiling the image
    5) burn the cuesheet. Since you all seem to like Nero so much, you can use Nero.

    I think that you need a perfert-compliant NTSC/PAL mpeg video (encode it with TMPGenc, if you don't have a 100%-compliant mpeg (es. a 640x480 MPEG-2 instead of a 480x480/576 one, a 400x320 MPEG-1 instead of a 352x240/288 one, or you have an .AVI).

    The same applies if you have the K(S)VCD extra templates of TMPGenc. More, to make a KVCD file you need to multiplex the audio of the original movie with the .M1V file created by the KVCD-CQ template (MPEG Tools__Multiplex__as file type choosing: Video-CD non-standard, your .M1V as video input and the original .MPG as audio input).
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