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Burning movies by CDR-RW for Dummies like me

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by raetter, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. raetter

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    Jun 9, 2003
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    I am one of those people that have a hard time understanding the concept of how to's. But I have found a way to burn movies by CDR and playing them back through your DVD players so I wish to share how I do it.

    Download your movie and save it to where you know how to access it later. I use CD-R blanks that are 80 min. or 700 MB so most movies will not fit onto one disc. I havn't learned how to get them onto one disc so I just put them on two.

    So for starters you need to split the movie into 2 pieces. I use Virtual Dub. It's a free download. Open Virtual Dub, click on open video file and locate your movie. Click on the movie you wish to split in 2 parts. Now you will see a slider bar. Move the slider bar all the way to the right. Look at how many frames it says are in this movie. Divide that number by 2. Now move the slider bar all the way to the left. On your keyboard click the home button. Now move your slider bar to the right until you get close as you can to the 1/2 number that you divided the frames by. When you get to the 1/2 number, click the end button on your keyboard. Then you have created your first part of the movie. But there are still a few things you need to do. After you click end, go up to video and click on direct stream copy, do the same in audio, direct stream copy. It may already be checked in your audio. Just make sure it is.
    Now click on Save as avi......and type in the first part of your movie. I generally put movie title (1 of 2). Now it will show you a virtual dub status. Just wait until it finishes. Ok, now in the virtual dub window you see a blue bar. Don't move the slider just click the home button on your keyboard. That makes the slider stay right where you ended on the first part of your movie. Now move the slider bar over to the very far right or the end. And click on the end button on your keyboard. Once again you have a blue bar only on the right side. This is your part 2 of your movie. Now go to video and once again click on direct stream copy and then your audio and direct stream copy. Then click on file save as avi and name the second part of your movie. I generally name this one movie (2 of 2). Once again you see the virtual dub status and you wait for it to get done. Now you're ready to burn your movie in 2 parts.
    I used Nero burning rom. I downloaded it for free but it is a trial version. When the trial version runs out you will have to purchase it. But it really is simple to use for those of us who have a hard time really understanding how to do these things.
    Open up Nero burning rom.It asks what would you like to do, click on video pictures and video cd. Then click the add button. Click the part one of your movie you wish to burn and click add. Now click on finish.Then click on next. You can change the way you want your menu to look but I usually leave it like they have it. Now click on next again. Insert your blank CD-R into your cd rom drive. Now click on burn. Now it will encode your movie and after encoding it will burn your movie on your disc. When it finishes burning then the cd pops out and you label it however you like. Then you do the same thing to burn your second part of your movie. I usually use Divx or windows media player to view the movie now. The video and audio are wonderful. You have to place the CD-R that you have burned into the DVD rom of your computer to watch it. I have also tried these in a regular DVD player and they play just great. Hope this has all been helpful to you. I spent hours of experimenting but finally came up with this being the easiest way to burn movies onto CD-R without any problems.
  2. Shoey

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    For DVD backups SVCD(MPEG),you get far more better results using a dvd ripper (SmartRipper or DVD Decrypter), DVD2SVCD and your choice of 3 encoders (Cinema Craft Encoder, TMPEnc Plus, and Canopus ProCoder). DVD2SVCD does all the encoding for you, all you have to do is insert the proper settings and that's it! Encoding time can be very long but after all you're after the best video playback! If your stand alone home dvd player supports svcd playback, then I encourage you to give route a try. I create bin& cue format and by doing this, I can scroll through the chapters of the backup, rather than ff, fw . Nero is great for burning VCD, but for SVCD, not my flava... I like VCDEasy to burn my bin& cue files or a freebie called BurnAtOnce.

    DVD Decrypter:http://www.dvddecrypter.com/

    Shoey :)

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