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Burning VCDs and using a Toshiba SD-K620

Discussion in 'MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding (AVI to DVD)' started by MrJWeaver, May 22, 2003.

  1. MrJWeaver

    MrJWeaver Guest

    Ok, I have a Toshiba SD-K620, and it says that it can play Video discs. I have a program called Photo2VCD, and when I use that, I can make it work ok. It uses the menu and plays videos like a power point presentation, even uses music if I want, works great. But then, no matter what type of video file I use, or how I encode it, when I burn a VCD with Nero, my DVD player just keeps loading and loading it. I have no idea why it wont work or what else I can do. I don't know if it can play SVCDs, but if anyone has any information or any advice or anything, post something here or e-mail me at REMOVED. I'd appreciate anything that could help. Also, I don't have any money to spend to buy programs to use, but still tell me about programs to use even if they cost anything cause I'm sure I could find them free somewhere. Again, thanks for any advice.
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  2. MikeBUK

    MikeBUK Guest

    Are you burning the VCD at 4x only and have checked it on your PC? Assuming you have it's probably best to contact Toshiba.
  3. nicolakis

    nicolakis Guest

    I had a similar problem with a Toshiba 2430. I was using Imation media DVD-RW for whatever reason they were not compatible. Changed to Verbatim DVD-RW and have no problems.
  4. MrJWeaver

    MrJWeaver Guest

    Ok, I use Nero burning Rom, and it only lets me burn at max speed. I haven't checked it on my computer yet, but I will burn again and try it there. But also, I'm using normal burning CDs and a normal burning drive, do I need a DVD burner? The CDs I burn on are for data, audio, and video, and I heard that you can use normal CDs as long as your video files are small enough. If the problem is Nero, what other program can I use?
  5. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    Do you see a "PBC" button on your remote control? If so then you can make dvd backups to mpeg2 (svcd), encode and burn to normal "data" cd-r's and they will play on your Toshi. You don't need a dvd burner [bold] IF [/bold] your home dvd player supports VCD, SVCD playback. Consider using DVD2SVCD (using TMPEnc) to encode your dvd backups to VCD.

    Shoey :)
  6. acheron

    acheron Member

    Jun 10, 2003
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    Also some Dvd players that are Vcd compatable will only play them if thay are recorded on cdrw's.My Sony Dvd player will play cdr's & cdrw's but my Neighbour's Sony will only play cdrw's.But both playes are listed as vcd compatable........
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  7. MrJWeaver

    MrJWeaver Guest

    No, I have no PBC on my remote. So... if I take an mpeg2 video file, burn it to a CD as date, with just the one file and nothing else, my dvd player should be able to play it? And I have only one CDRW, so I will save it to use later, but I don't want to burn on it yet, beause I don't know if my burner is DVDR or DVDRW, hold on... oh it is, neat, I've never used CDRWs before, I just have the one, so I guess I can try and try again anyway. So... I will try burning just the mpeg2 as data on the CDRW and see if it works, if it does I'll come back and tell everyone. If not, I'll come tell you that too. So here I go. Thanks for all the advice too. I appreciate it.
  8. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    If you don't see SVCD format supported and find no "PBC" funtion on your remote than chances are your home dvd won't play svcd format. You can try later down the road burning to a cdrw but I doubt it will work. DVD players have come down in price so maybe consider a new one? Especially one that will play 5 at a time as svcd format creates a minimum of 2-3 cd-r's per movie but video playback that will amaze you!

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  9. BlitchX

    BlitchX Guest

    I have the Toshiba SD-K620 and it does support VCD/SVCD. Although there is not a PBC button on the remote, it can be access from the menu. By default PBC is enabled on the Toshiba SD-K620.
    The only problem I have noticed is audio sync/lag, I'm going to work through the menu before returning it to Costco.

    Also does anybody know if an SVCD DVD Rip is capable of HD quality on a progessive scan player with an HDTV set?
    Or does it lose that ability during ripping and converting?

    I'm not an expert at VCD's but mine plays everything I have put in it so far.

  10. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    I've backed up countless dvd's to svcd and I can tell you from experience by using the right programs (encoder mainly), the video playback is "near perfect" of the original dvd. I use DVD2SVCD and CCE (Cinema Craft Encoder). You can use either SmartRipper or DVD Decrypter to rip your dvd's. CCE is trial so I advise you jump on a p2p file sharing client to find the full version. I can post a guide (if needed). Also, a new plugin called D2SoBra just released helps speed up the encoding process tremendiously!

    Shoey :)
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  11. BlitchX

    BlitchX Guest

    Thanks for the reply Shoey.

    I also use DVD2SVCD with a full version of cinema craft.
    I was wondering about the HDTV stuff, coz I'm getting an HD projection tv when my student loan rolls in, in a couple weeks.
    I'm dumping the Toshiba SD-K620, the audio lag is terrible during VCD play. No lag at all however during DVD play.
    Is that common? I didn't notice any appreciable lag with my Apex that I gave to my girlfriend when I bought the Toshiba.
    I'm going to try the step up Toshiba offers progessive scan now that I'm geting an HD set.

    One other thing, do everyday DVD players play karaoke cd's and can those be downloaded via p2p or xdcc and burned?
    I downloaded some supposed karaoke clips and burned them with nero as vcd.
    When I played them the words were on the screen highlighting as they were sang, but the original singer's vocal played during the clip; kinda messes up the whole karaoke thing.

  12. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    I don't know what HDTV really is, could you kindly explain?

    Not that I'm aware of (audio lag on a VCD playback).

    DVD player must support CD+G. My sister downloaded some karaoke tunes on a p2p file sharing client and I used Winamp 3.0 and a CD+G plugin to playback the tunes on my pc.

    Shoey :)

  13. Bman35

    Bman35 Guest

    I have a toshiba sd-4700 and am also having some trouble with vcd playback. At first i used nero to both burn my cd and do the avi to vcd conversion, when i played the vcd the dvd player would play the video fine but audio didnt work (there was not cracking or anything, there was simply no sound at all). Thinking this might be a problem with the encoder in nero i used TMPG to convert the avi to vcd mpegs, and burned with nero, but i got the exact same problem. I dunt know if the problem lies with the dvd player or with nero, any suggestions on what i should do, possibly use another vcd burning software?
  14. Bman35

    Bman35 Guest

    let me answer this question before it gets asked, yes the vcd does work on my computer, sound/video and everything, audio just doesnt work on my dvd player
  15. BlitchX

    BlitchX Guest

    I'm staying far away from the Toshiba DVD players.
    I purchased a panasonic DVD-S31 and it is playing the same vcd's the Toshiba had audio problems with and plays them perfectly.
    Now I am returning the Panasonic (got to love Costco's return policy) and getting the next step up Panasonic DVD-S35. I didn't realize the S31 doesn't play JPG's and I like to play a slideshow of my Ex girlfriend's ugliest photos now and then, so I don't feel so bad about her bailing on me.
  16. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    I dunno either m8 but you can try VCDEasy and see if you get the same results. I found an interesting link on your Toshi home dvd player.


    VCDEasy: http://www.vcdeasy.org/modules.php?name=_Downloads

    Shoey :)_X_X_X_X_X_[small]Certified Computer Technician
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  17. Dela

    Dela Administrator Staff Member

    Aug 25, 2002
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    MrJWeaver, email address removed, try to keep them off the forum because they are against the rules to protect you against spam bots!

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