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Burning very slow (Nero,CloneDVD) on

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by tkmbe, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. tkmbe

    tkmbe Guest

    Hi I've a "problem" with my Plextor PX-708UF burner.
    If I use 1x,2.4x or 4x dvd-r dvd+r medias it takes
    1hour 40 minutes to burn a 4.8GB DVD with either
    CloneDVD or Nero
    I don't Rip I only burn the data which were already
    The strange is that in nero it says it will have
    about 20 minutes or so but then it takes so much time.
    What does the burn progs do after burning the data?
    BTW: I do not have enabled "check after write" and
    I have the latest firmware upgrade ...
    If I burn data only the same problem ...
    Does anybody have any idea?

  2. RussReef

    RussReef Guest

    Check your DMA settings:

    1- Open your device manager.
    2- Under 'IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers' double-click on your 'Primary IDE channel'
    3- Under the advanced settings tab make sure your transfer mode for both Device 0 and Device 1 is set to 'DMA if Available'
    4- Repeat steps 2 & 3 for your 'Secondary IDE channel'

    It's likely, when burn times are this slow, that your computer automatically switched its own setting from DMA to PIO mode. It will do this if your computer has encountered many errors in reading/writing with your optical drives. Just change them back to DMA mode and you should be good to go! :)

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