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Buying a Hard drive

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware mods' started by Jay_lee, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. Jay_lee

    Jay_lee Member

    Feb 23, 2005
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    Before I start I have been reading about how to mod my xbox for awhile now, but i still dont really under stand it. I have installed a xecuter 2.6 modchip into my xbox, when i load it up I see:

    FlashBIOS 3.0.3
    For help visit Team Xecuter (http://teamxecuter.com/flashbios/)

    HDD: ST310014A 3.09 10.242GB

    Enable Network Flashig
    Load BIOS from HDD (C:\BIOS)
    Load BIOS from Disc
    Unlock HDD
    Lock HDD

    I dunno if that helps in any way, but my questin is can i buy a hard drive for my xbox that is already Flashed with BIOS or evox or what ever I need, so all i have to do is unplug my old xbox hard drive and plug in a new one? i have been looking at this one, i think this is what i want, http://www.modchipstore.com/Exclusi...Customized_120_160GB_Turnkey_Har-p-16175.html the only problem is i think a friend of mine bought one from this site and it didn't have any programs on it, hes about as lost as i am, and is no help to me.
  2. Dizee

    Dizee Member

    Feb 24, 2005
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    Hey man, Nah you dont wanna buy anything extra unless u really wanna pack ur black box with everything, Firstly you dont Flash your Hard Drive (HDD) You flash teh chip that you installed, To do this you need to obtain a copy of a bios that is compatable with your chip, from what ur screen says im guessing its an Xecuter?
    Now what you need to do is get urself reading some tutorials i suggest www.xbox-scene.com (no offence to after dawn) and read up on how to get yaself the driver allternativley you can e-mail me and ill give ya some help on doin this,
    Unfortionatley flashing a new Bios is illegal as its a modification of M$ coding which is...you guessed it illegal!
    Once you got ya bios you wanna convert it and then burn it onto a CD-RW or DVD-R if ya got that option. Again you can find out more in teh tutorial section on xbox-scene. Then ya load ya box and hit install Bios from cd and then voila your new bios is done....Then you need to get yourself a copy of an auto installer preferably SlaYers which is extremely easy to use and has a great help file with it, unfortionatley i cant give you the URL for this as its stored on an FTP for more info either read up on XB Scene or drop me an e-mail.
    Once your all installed your finished unless you wanna add an additional hard drive or replace your current one, which i wouldn't advise doing unless you know how to 100%, again you can find out how on XB-Scene your basic factory Xbox HDD will store maybe 10 games which is ample because if you have the oportunity to use a DVD-R to 'Backup' your existing games you wont need to store them on the drive, also once the dashboard is installed you can connect to your PC and store all your games on there.
    As for additional APPS they come ready packaged with SlaYer hence the name - Auto installer.
    Good luck man any more questions dont hesitate to e-mail me
    Hope this helped ya out a bit,
    Catch ya later,

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