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Camcorder to DVD with Nero

Discussion in 'Other video questions' started by 604chic, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. 604chic

    604chic Guest

    Hi there. Am new to this, and my first attempt was pretty poor.
    When I am viewing the footage through pc then the quality is perfect, but as soon as I try to record to transfer to DVD the quality suffers a huge amount, with around 1/3 of frames being dropped. I am using Nero6 and for everything else it is spot on. Can't afford to invest in new software right now, so is there anything I can do, or any free software that will help me.
    ps using firewire port for transfer.
  2. Ratae

    Ratae Guest

    An interesting point for me, because I too had similar results trying to capture from my camcorder with Nero, but as I was using usb port, I assumed I probably needed a firewire card for acceptable results. I found that Sony's Vegas 5.0 captured much better, without dropped frames, but unfortunately it isn't free software..

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