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can I connect a jvc GR-SXM248 camcorder to a radeon 8500LE

Discussion in 'Digital camcorders' started by caraloca, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. caraloca

    caraloca Guest

    Hi, I know it has been asked many times but i just want to know if I can connect my old jvc GR-SXM248 camcorder to my pc using my video card RADEON 8500LE?.
    my camcorder has a plug that it looks like the one for a pc mouse, it has also two round plugs (one white and one yellow). which one can I use?.
    If is not much trouble, any tutorial about this. or what program should I use to do the transfer?.
    Amduron. win xp pro. 1300m. 1024mb.
    thank you for your help and time
  2. paparatzo

    paparatzo Guest

    im guessing that the plug that "looks like" a mouse plug(ps2) is infact a Svideo plug--dont try and fit this in a ps2 port. the two round plugs are called RCA--they look the same as normal stereo plugs right?. yellow is video, white is MONO(left channel), red is right(on stereo), thou i could be confusing my left and right

    im assuming that your card has an svideo-out port. this is out!, you cannot capture from this port. you can record(maybe) from this port but why would you want to record from PC to analogue?
  3. caraloca

    caraloca Guest

    No, I want to pass a video from my camcorder to the pc.
    Thank you for the info about the plugs, I' wont connect a pc mouse.
    So I can try to plug the camcorder to my pc with one of those plugas, right?.
    Thank you
  4. paparatzo

    paparatzo Guest

    to capture analogue video you need seperate hardware.

    capture cards that have analogue and digital are expensive--worth more than the camcorders they capture from usualy.

    I went the cheep way round for capturing analogue: I brought an ItemsTV tunner PCI card, it has Svideo and RCA video IN. it will capture analogue at 640*480?. it cost me AUD$112 (10 times less than the pinnacle DV500? i was looking at purchasing)

    however VHS is a dead technology--it was dead before it was even standard. is what u want to capture worth the effot?. its going to look like shit* nomatter what you do to it.

    *no offence to your cinamatographic skills, but quality of the picture will not be nice.

    bl: you can only "output" not "capture" from your radeon card.
  5. caraloca

    caraloca Guest

    Ok, i understand now, it was nothing important anyway.
    thank you for your explanation and help.

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