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Can i put a single 512mb chip alongside with a pair of 128mb (2x128)

Discussion in 'PC hardware help' started by SPIKISH, Oct 22, 2004.


    SPIKISH Guest

    hi there, i was originally planning on buying a set of 2 512mb equalling 1gb+ because i was told that my motherboard supports dual channel memory chips, meaning they run "better" in pairs of 2. Now, i really do not have the finances to buy two 512's, i do, but i need other stuff. My question to my fellow forum friends is, can i place one 512mb memory chip as my third memory chip in total, even though im supposed to place them in pairs and will it run correctly. im going to buy kingston, so quality here is not a problem, but if anyone having experience dealing with dual channel memory can tell me if i can use this single 512mb and will not cause a proble. And if someone can tell me how to place them, maybe the 512mb in the first slot and the pairs of 128 maybe on the next two

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, im in deer need of help, thanx guys!!

  2. The_OGS

    The_OGS Active member

    Feb 18, 2004
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    Hmmm, I know dual-channel motherboards run PC2100 DDR, minimum.
    I didn't think they came in 128MB.
    You should buy a 512MB PC3200.
    Dual-channel mobos have 3 slots. You should get 768MB from the 3 chips, but as soon as you have 3 they will run in single-channel mode.
    Then one day, when you can afford another 512MB, you yank the 2x128MB and go to 1GB, dual-channel :)
    Meanwhile, your 768MB will run only as fast as the slowest of the 3 chips will run.

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