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Can you Recommend a player?

Discussion in 'Portable audio players' started by gullebarn, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. gullebarn

    gullebarn Guest

    I have a Sandisk MP3 I bought a year or so ago and I have really liked it, but now I am ready to upgrade. I have one main priority. I want to be able to organize my music by playlists and be able to pick and choose from those playlists when I playback the music. For instance, I have certain songs I listen to when I work out, songs I like to listen to in the car, songs at night when I am winding down. I don't want them to mix up, I want to be able to play each "folder" of music individually. For example, I don't want to listen to my workout music when I am getting ready to relax!

    Can you recommend the best player to accomplish this? I would like to stay in Windows format, I don't really care for ipods. I use Media Player to download/rip/organize music.

    Any recommendations would be welcome!
  2. rosedog

    rosedog Regular member

    Jun 2, 2003
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    ooh...that's a tough one.

    I can't speak for all of them (MP3 players) but with the Creative Zen Vision:M it does have a DJ feature that will play:

    Album of the Day
    Random Play All
    Most Popular
    Rarely Heard
    Highly Rated
    Yet to be Rated

    It also allows you to bookmark up to 10 songs for quick access.

    It also allows for the standard (I believe) sorting:

    If you went that route I would recommend you tag your music by Genres per your prefrence.

    You need no special software, it works with Play for Sure (which MS abandoned on the Zune).

    The CZV:M works extemely well with Winamp too, you can also do direct play back through Winamp now (plus its free).

    It is also availble in two sizes, 30gig and 60gig and they have great battery life.

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