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Cannot initialize the recorder for writing

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by initializ, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. initializ

    initializ Guest


    That one is closed but contains the same info.

    What is 321studios stance in all of this?

    I have the same Toshiba 5205-S703 computer and I recently bought DVDXCOPY but I can't use it. I'm using the proper DVD- disks and have verified that the disks can be recorded using the laptop burner by backing up hard drive data using Drag'n Drop. I need to backup all the features of my DVD's because I show them in a mental health facility that is multilingual. Right now I carry all the original DVD's in their factory supplied cases in a large backpack but I want to be able to keep them tucked safely away and carry burned DVD's in a multidisk wallet. I don't care for the wallets and don't trust any of my audio CD's to them but, for the space savings, using them to carry backups would be ideal.

    I've been to the official channel, e-mailing support@321studios.com with a full description of the system and all the steps and error messages in exact detail. That was nearly 1 month ago (10-18-03). I haven't heard back from them nor do I see evidence of them weighing in on the issue here. Is this typical? What are your experiences with 321 product support? Are there more reliable contact channels?

    The problem:

    Toshiba Satellite 5205-S703 w DVD RW-/R- drive

    The program goes through all the motions of reading and preparing to backup a commercial DVD but after I'm prompted to replace the DVD with recording media I get this string of messages:


    Cannot initialize the recorder for writing.
    Illegal request reported by DVD recorder.
    Driver error code = 02052400h.
    The disc is not succesfully recorded.


    321Studios DVDXCopy: Burn failed!

    Illegal SCSI command request reported by CD recorder


  2. koola

    koola Guest

    First of all, take your email off as the SPAM bots will get it!

    Secondly, get some decent software like DVD Shrink or CloneDVD.

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