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Car Stereo CD Player Errors with homemade Audio CDs

Discussion in 'Audio' started by realfreak, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. realfreak

    realfreak Guest

    I have used MusicMatch Jukebox Burner Plus, Record Now, Roxio Easy CD Creator and Windows Media Player to make audio CDs using mp3, wma or wav files. I have recorded them at very slow and very fast burn speeds and used variou media--all CD-R--Memorex, Philips, TDK and others. My Toyota factory installed radio/CD player is either broken or not very good because about 2/3 of the CDs I make and play have 'snap, crackle and pop' tracks. The very same CDs play perfectly on my Bose CD player, a Panasonic CD/DVD player and two different portable CD players. What is wrong? I suspect the car player is not right, but is that true in general, that the car players are not very good? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Jeanc1

    Jeanc1 Guest

    You have it right -- SOME car disk players are very temperamental when it comes to homemade CD's !!
    Toyota is well known for that ! My own personal car a Mercedes is 3 years old and would give exactely the same chirping and crackling as you are getting -- In my last year of warranty , i made a trip to the dealer complaining it was not working right ,it brought the solution ; they installed a new player , of course it was a newer model and it now works perfectly.

    In the following months , while talking to friends about my mishap, i soon was told that many people with foreign cars had the same problems. Some were saying that burning on the best media and at a slow speed seemed to help ; however most were contemplating changing there cars in the near future and were living with the problem.

    One more point was brought up by an audio technician --- SMOKERS beware , you cigarette smoke is murder on them laser lenses used in Cd Players -- moreover, the ashtray is usually located right below it and sends it right in the Player !
    _X_X_X_X_X_[small]Do It Right , and you will be a Happy Camper ![/small]
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  3. BIGTOXY69

    BIGTOXY69 Regular member

    Jul 16, 2004
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    Jeanc1 ia right on both counts .I too have had problems like you described with the Cd player in my GMC Sieera Classic's Audio system. For me Burning audio cd's @ 8x and using good quality cdrs solves the problem. So you may want to consider burning ar 12X or slower ,disc that I burned @ 10X on my old computer seem to work okay for me but then everybody's got different equipment. Your best bet if you can afford it is to go to your local electronics retailer or car stereo shop and try your homemade disc made at various speeds on several car cd players. This should work better for you because many new aftermarket car cd players are listed as CDR/CDRW compatable and some even play mp3's as well. CDRW's Are even less reflective than CDR's so if the new car deck will play them it should read your home rolled mixes with no problem because most home stereo cd players won't read CDRW'S at all ( some Sony's will). Also remeber REalfrank that dampness/humidity can cause your homemade disc to show error on the car player & get ejected,it's happened to me pressed cd's will play fine cdr's won't the cure for this eject cd and hold it in front of the AC vents with the heater on (usually happens on cold or rainy damp mornings. THis works most times . Also I have only experienced this with the Changer in a Ford Ranger PU truck but avoid using CDR's in car audio cd changers or if you must buy one try it out first at the car stereo shop with several brands of CDR media. As I had some of my cdr's get stuck in a Factory model changer in a ford ranger who's cd changer was apparently built to extremely close tolerances.(NOTE- this was both with and without paper labels ) And caused me 35 minutes of sheer terror as it was a company owned vehicle!!! This was just a singly loaded disc although a friend ruined several zydeco cd's in the same changer because of the sticking problem . I hope I have been 0f help realfrank. Good luck with your upgrade - CARS ,GUITARS & CDR'S- BIGTOXY69

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  4. realfreak

    realfreak Guest

    Thanks to you both. I now know I'm not completely wacko! I have used burn speeds with good media as low as 4x and still get the problem on some disks in my Toyota radio. I am going to the nearest Fry's/Best Buy and take a couple of CDs that exhibit the problem and try various radios. When I get the next car, God willing, I will have my own choice installed with a player that works.

    Really appreciate all Afterdawn folks who are so helpful. You steer me right almost every time!(Sometimes the problem is of my own making and I have to unsteer myself!)
  5. EsirnuS

    EsirnuS Guest

    you dont have to buy a new car or wait till you buy a new car
    buy a new cd player for your car

    they are relatively in expensive these days and come labelled with cd-r so you know they should play your home made cd's

    if your feeling flush, splash out on a cd/mp3/dab system for your car - still cheaper than buying a new car

  6. realfreak

    realfreak Guest

    I will pursue that. I don't really know much about those players but I would certainly like to have a good one that plays cds and mps cds. What is dab? I am a complete newcomer to all of this.
  7. EsirnuS

    EsirnuS Guest

    DAB = Digital Audio Broadcast
    its basically digital radio

    You can pick up a fairly decent dab/cd/mp3 player for under £250 - and if you do get a new car - you can take it with you!


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