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CD Burner Problems! Help!

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by radelow, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. radelow

    radelow Guest

    I am at wits end trying to get my CD Burner to work correctly. Breakdown on the system:

    AMD XP1700+
    Iwill XP333 Board
    512 meg DDR266
    Lite On 52x Burner
    Windows 2000

    The burner works just fine burning at 52x. But if I try to extract audio from a music cd it's full of errors and only does it at 2x speed. When I run Nero's CD tests it won't complete the transfer rate test and when I do a DAE quality test is reports 0 with over 2% errors. I have 4.6 version of ASPI installed but when I run Aspichk it reports the drivers are find but it doesn't show the Host Adapters. Any ideas guys? Thanks!

    Mark Radelow
  2. radelow

    radelow Guest

    Forgot to add...I have DMA enabled.


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