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Cect p 168 Caller ID...???

Discussion in 'Other mobile phones' started by disciam, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. disciam

    disciam Guest

    For some reason only the number shows up for my caller id? Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks
  2. CECTSupp

    CECTSupp Guest

    Ok you have to save the numbers to your phone not the simcard. Once their saved to your phone you will see whos calling you. Please visit my link where i posted useful information about the CECT P168
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  3. disciam

    disciam Guest

    Thank you. :) I did have them saved to my phone, however I did not have the 1 in front of the number. It is working fine now that I put 1s in front. :)
  4. zeta1ret

    zeta1ret Member

    May 28, 2008
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    I had this same problem...it was very frustrating.
    but i found out the solution...
    a telephone number in the US has 10 digits...
    this is very important with this phone...for it to recognize incoming calls and messages and correctly match them to your phone book...you have to make sure that you store all your numbers in 10 digit format...
    so if your bestest pal "benny" lives next door with the telephone number 333.6547 you must store "benny's" number as 1-555.333.6547 (if you are in area code 555)...now the phone will recognize "benny" by name...

    (since phone and messages come through the network...ALL of them are in the same "long distance" 10-digit format.)

    you store the numbers like this...and PRESTO...it will all be just swell!!

    take care!

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